Master The Art Of Aging – Stent Or No Stent!

The Art Of Aging!

Aging comes with certain challenges!

It takes a little courage!

Which I know you have!

stent or no stent: Bob Scott, triathlete.

AFTER STENT SURGERY: Bob beat me again, at age 84. Remarkable, and basically a great guy. A true athlete. Doing it for the love of the sport.

Just read the story of Bob Scott!

“Scott had chest pain during a bike ride a decade ago, and did what any triathlete would do. He rode his bike to his doctor’s office. After an examination, his suspicions of cardiac disease confirmed, the doctor wanted Scott to head to the hospital for a cardiac cath. Scott agreed and started to put his helmet back on to ride his bike to the hospital. The doctor would have none of it and Scott was transported in the usual fashion. After a stent placement and recovery, he went on to set the Kona age group records for the next age group (75-79) as well” John Post

I first met Bob at a triathlon.

At age 81, Bob came by me, on the run, in the Maryland Half Ironman. I was in my late 60s, and pretty fit.

He beat me again, when he was 82 and yes, 84! He said a friendly, “Hi, Kevin,” as he cruised by me.

Bob had mastered the art of aging!

stent or no stent: Inspiring book by Benjamin Carey of Heartosaurus. From :

Here’s an inspiring story, for you. Sure inspired me!

Do you want to be in race shape, for whatever your race, in your 60s, 70, 80s and beyond?

Your race could be anything, it’s all the same:

  • Getting to the bathroom unaided (I’ve been in that race).
  • Escaping from the hospital after surgery, as fast as you can.
  • Returning to your beloved sport, or activity.
  • Tackling a new challenge, be it mental or physical.


I highly recommend that you carry out the sports benefit-risk assessment, at this link.

Learn to listen to your body, which takes some practice.

If you can, find a coach who understands the challenges of aging.

If you can, find a physician with a knowledge of such things; one like Larry!

Wishing you happy trails.



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