Book Review – The Masters Athlete by Peter Reaburn

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I am in the process of consolidating my ‘training library,’ and it occurred to me that some book reviews might be of interest. I decided to start with a book by Peter Reaburn because it is an excellent source of reference material and Peter seems to be a really nice guy based on our brief e-conversations.

“The Masters Athlete, Improve Your Performance, Improve Your Fitness, Improve Your Life” Peter Reaburn, Sports Scientist & Masters Athlete

This book comes with an attractive front cover and can be purchased online at

The Masters Athlete by Peter Reaburn

The style of presentation is essentially like a textbook, with a great deal of valuable information and advice, especially for older athletes. For instance, I had never clearly thought about the increased risks of cardiac failure in cold water, but the mechanisms involved are carefully explained in Peters book. There are sections on aging, training approaches, nutrition, injury prevention and treatment, and the psychological challenges of training at the masters level. Most importantly this book is full of encouragement and enthusiasm.

This valuable contribution to the literature is associated with an interesting Chez Ollie where you can read ‘Peters Musings,’ and the like.

I wish this book was available for electronic download to my Nook, which would make searching much easier, otherwise I am very pleased with my purchase, so thank you Peter and Claire Reaburn!



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