Fingers, Toes, Ironman Training, And The Power Of Human Imagination

Hi folks, We have many sensors with which to explore our environment, and now the Universe in general, including sight, sound and touch. We have extended our senses through the development of tools, which increase the reach of our bodies, from earth moving machinery to the Hubble Telescope. Feedback from these tools markedly extends the range of our minds, but once you start to train for an Ironman or other ... Read more

Activating Your Core Prior To A Run As Part Of A Roller Routine

Hi folks, We sure have some lovely countryside here in North Carolina, including great running trails. I had two short runs to do today, and during the first of these I was gently cruising along and it occurred to me how much better I am at engaging my core and how this makes hill ascents more manageable. I was also playing with shifting the load from my quads and hip flexors back to the combination of ... Read more

Learn To Stand Before You Walk Before You Run

  Hi folks, I have a problem with chronically tight calf muscles, and I may have found the cause. The way that I stand. I was receiving further core instruction from my dance and Continuum teacher, Rebecca, who commented that I tend to lean forward when standing. I did a quick internal body scan and there it was, plus lots of other things. My Feldenkrais training from Karen emphasizes the importance of ... Read more

Posture Is A Critical Key To Biomechanical Health And Athletics

  Hi folks, Work on Johnny's Gone Fishing LLC is moving along nicely, as Erica, Jan and I work to recreate a local community space and grocery store. This is all new to me, as an ex-scientist, but I do get to make some great trips to large stores seeking inventory for our shelves. Jan and I were off on yet another shopping trip when we noticed a car on the side of the road, with a rather ... Read more

It’s Worth The Trouble To Get To Know Your Psoas Muscles

  Hi folks, Another great dance lesson today, in which no dancing was done or music heard. It was all about exploring and activating my core, whilst working to keep other muscle groups quiescent, and thus allowing my core to do what it does best. Rebecca, my dance and Continuum teacher, informed me that the psoas muscles are central to dance. In the past, I got to know my major hip flexors, the psoas ... Read more

I Wonder If René Descartes Enjoyed Dancing

  Hi folks, There are two famous quotes by Frenchmen about the nature of life, "Je pense donc je suis" (I think, therefore I am [Cogito ergo sum] - René Descartes, philosopher) and "Rien n'est vrai comme ce qu'on sent" (Nothing is as true as what one feels - Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian, poet). One says he exists because he thinks and the other states that it's really all about feelings. Two halves of ... Read more

Shoulder Blade Movement And Meet My Coach

Hi folks, Every time I turn around someone is telling me to loosen up my shoulder blades, which are pretty stiff. I must admit that they were essentially 'stuck to my back.' Several years of massage, Gyrotonic, Pilates, Feldenkrais, and recently Continuum, have improved them a great deal. I now include thoughts about my shoulder blade motion into my training and dancing, to good effect. I made a short movie today, ... Read more

A Continuum Dance Lesson Video For FitOldDog By Rebecca

  Hi folks, As a component of my approach to exercise for better health and Ironman training, I have incorporated dance lessons using Continuum. Today I enjoyed my lesson so much that I wanted to share it with you in the form of a video prepared by my teacher, Rebecca, of Evolving Therapies, Chapel Hill, NC. This approach is fascinating, much more difficult than it looks and it takes a strong core, ... Read more

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