Enterprise Will Keep America Vibrant Thanks To Operations Like SagMonkey

Enterprise: en·ter·prise/ˈentərˌprīz/ (From: Chez Ollie) Noun: A project or undertaking, typically one that is difficult or requires effort. Initiative and resourcefulness. SAG Wagon: (From: wiseGeek) "The origins of the term “sag wagon” are a topic for debate. Some cyclists believe that it is an acronym for “Support and Gear” or “Support Aid Group.” Others suggest that it may be related to distressed ... Read more

Improvising Your Training With No Excuses

  Hi folks, I had to deal with an electronic blackout, here at the Chez Ollie, so my post is late today. However, it is nice to escape from the Internet from time to time. I occasionally plan a short e-vacation, by scheduling blog postings ahead, but not this time. So, here I am at the resort, as a non-skier (had my skiing-induced knee surgery already, thank you!) with limited workout equipment in the ... Read more

Bike Shoe Versus CompuTrainer For Spin Analysis

  Hi folks, Today my coach-scheduled workout was a four hours and thirty minute Z2 (heart rate around 112) bike ride, but the weather was too cold for this 'old fart,' so I decided to do it on my trainer. This is a long time to be on a trainer bike, and as I don't think that listening to music is a good idea because you generally aren't listening to your body when you do that, I had plenty of time to ... Read more

Revisiting PowerCranks By FitOldDog

  Hi folks, There are many pieces of training gear out there, but I think that PowerCranks are worth a try. They do not come without risk, which is clearly also true of running shoes. I have overdone PowerCranks, causing a strain to my right psoas muscle. That is all fixed up now and is currently being strengthened using PowerCranks. You should take considerable care as you learn to use these great tools, ... Read more

Setting Up Your Trainer Bike For The Winter And An Aversion To Big Egos

  "He who tries to shine dims his own light." by Lao-tzu (from a lovely translation by Steven Mitchell) Hi folks, I much prefer to ride the roads than a trainer, though for certain types of workout the trainer is better if it is set up appropriately. Number one rule with your trainer is to have the same bike fit as your racing bike (which is the same bike as your road bike, just ask Victor, my bike ... Read more

Dangers And Solutions To Consider When Endurance Training Or Racing Under Potentially Adverse Conditions

  Hi folks, We started selling our Christmas trees today at Johnny's Gone Fishing. The second tree to sell went to friends of mine, Stacy and Treasa, as shown in the adjacent photo. They seemed pleased with their tree, and during the process of loading it into my truck with Johnny I was reminded of a run I did about 10 years ago amongst a stand of trees similar to the one in the photo. It was a crisp ... Read more

Combine Your Roller Work With A Gentle Core Workout

Hi folks, I must admit that my rollers have helped my flexibility considerably. They are most effective when used both before and after runs. The trick is to workout which roller you use for which muscles, and for how long. You want tight muscles to 'let go,' whilst avoiding overdoing the rolling to the point of soreness. Areas of pain help to pinpoint where work needs to be done, which for me is always my ... Read more

Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Ironman Training For FitOldDogs

Hi folks, I was looking in the corner of our bedroom the other day (No! My partner Deb does not mind bikes hanging on the wall, in fact she seems quite happy about it - guess I got the right woman!), and I thought, "Boy, what a lot of stuff I have had to buy for Ironman training. The two custom bikes alone cost a bunch of bread." Then I started to calculate the cost of it all, and wondered if it was worth all ... Read more

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