Home Cooked Food From Small Potatoes Farm Via Johnny’s Gone Fishing Is Just The Best

Hi folks, I'm fortunate, in that I like to eat and I very much enjoy cooking. One of my favorite things to do is nibble on my culinary delights as I go along, but for some reason I don't like other people picking at a meal that I am in the process of preparing. Guess I have a little emotional growth to do on that front. We are lucky in that there is a regular farmer's market across the road, and down the road ... Read more

Invited Blog Post To ‘Live Lean Tips:’ Review of Gary Taubes’s Recent Book ‘Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It’

  Hi folks, Just a quick note to mention that I have posted a review of Gary Taubes's recent book, 'Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It,' on the Live Lean Tips blogsite. -k Your Medical Mind   ... Read more

Good Food For All? I Know There Is An Answer!

Hi folks, I really enjoy food, including cooking, so Ironman training is just the job for me - lots of food. When I can I buy my victuals (or as John Cleese would say, comestibles) at local farm stores. In this case, the company is called 'Small Potatoes' and they stop by Johnny's, just over the road, a couple of times a week. They sell vegetables, fruit, cheese, eggs, meat and whatever is in season. ... Read more


  Hi folks, Just wanted to share a few thoughts about water, because it is so magical. Water is highly structured, being made of lots of tiny magnets (dipoles) that interact to give water its viscous, somewhat sticky properties and the ability to coat surfaces. These properties are essential for the existence of life on earth. About 70% of our bodies are made of water, but most of it is tied up in our ... Read more

The Three (Parts Of The) Body Problem And What I Learned From National Public Radio

Hi folks, This post is about thinking about food, and the fact that the behavior of two interacting variables may be predictable, but for three it is not. I spend a significant amount of time listening to teenagers interact (I'm lucky that way) and, boy, I wouldn't be a teenager again for all the tea in China. A few days ago teenage girl A (16) was arguing with one of her close friends, teenage girl B, which ... Read more

Dial In Your Nutrient Flavor For The Race

  Hi folks, Victor doesn't believe in race wheels, and nor do I. The best approach is to train as you race. For instance, my new Guru has Zip Wheels that really catch the wind, and if I didn't train with them on windy days I might be in trouble during heavy gusts on race day. This thinking is best applied to every aspect of your training, I suspect, including nutrition. I bonked a number of times in ... Read more

Invited Post: In Praise of English Food (or Nourishment for the Athlete’s Body, to keep it relevant)

- This is an invited post by my sister and editor, Marian. Over to Marian: First of all let me say that my brother's memories of English food (boiled cabbage) are not the same as mine. Admittedly, there don't seem to be English restaurants in other countries (except for the Spanish coast which has been overrun by British “expats” who want to be in the sun but don't want to give up the food they are used to), and ... Read more

Food, Glorious Food And Harry Secombe Who Provided Sustenance For The Heart!

  Hi folks, I love food! I think that the level of our appetite for the good things in life gives away exactly how alive we are! Don't you? Forgetting food for thought and all that stuff, when it comes to eating there is a big difference between food and nutrition. Food: "any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and ... Read more

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