Running Man, Predator-Prey Relationships, And Learning From The Great Runners

  Hi folks, I was looking out of the kitchen window early this morning, and there, just a few feet away, was a female white tailed deer with two fawns still covered in spots. Pity I didn't have my camera ready! They looked just like the picture on the left. Whilst admiring these beautiful animals, my mind drifted to thoughts of how well they run, the fact that they look beautiful to me right now, ... Read more

Changing The World One Person At A Time, Starting With Your Run Mechanics!

  Hi folks! Whilst reading an interesting post from a link received via twitter, entitled 'The Power of One Connection: How Word of Mouth Works Online,' I was reminded of a conversation I had with Nick, Deb's 13-year-old son. I was driving Nick to his friend's house and during the trip he said "Me and Jared are going to ...," a form that drives Deb crazy. I also consider it to be impolite, but it is now ... Read more

Four Minutes Of Nostalgia – Watching That Four Minute Mile

Hi folks! I find that watching video clips really helps me to work on certain aspect of my technique, so here is a good one I have seen a number of times. The 'official' breaking of the four-minute mile by Roger Bannister. I was a water polo player in Bristol, England, when this occurred so I had no idea of its significance for runners. Guess I do now! Here is the pool that was so important to me at that ... Read more

Barefoot Running Experience – Back In Shoes With Arch Supports, For Now At Least

  Hi Folks! I started barefoot running about a year ago, mainly on the beach or grass, with some time spent on the roads. I tried the Vibram shoes and could not enjoy using them, however much I tried. I then decided to use Nike Free shoes on the road, but with a barefoot style of foot mechanics. My barefoot training led to plantar fasciitis with chronic heel and calf pain. It would appear that I am not ... Read more

Great Running Book By Earl W. Fee

Hi! Folks, I have been reading a truly excellent book on running that covers all aspects of training, and it includes lots of useful stuff for other sports (thanks for telling me about it, Pauline!). Highly recommended reading for triathletes, in my opinion! Here are some of the things I like so far: Excellent introduction to the biochemistry of energetics as it relates to running. Early focus in the ... Read more

Response to Matthew: Blisters and Toughening Your Feet

  Hi! Matthew, Thanks for the comment on barefoot running. I have found, as you have I am sure, that there are many advantages to the incorporation of barefoot running into my training regimen, including toughening my feet. I was glad to hear that the Australian runners you work with also take it seriously. For me, the main advantage has been strengthening my feet and ankles, especially the musculoskeletal ... Read more

Adjusting to Barefoot Running Without Hurting Yourself – What is working for me!

Hi! Folks, Learned a neat trick yesterday. As I increase my barefoot running technique, which I do either barefoot or with Nike Free shoes (Yes! It can be done, but you have to think barefoot or those shoes will suck you into your old way of running!), I find that my calves are having to adjust to the load in several new places. Here is the trick I used yesterday for a seven mile trail run - once I felt any ... Read more

Run Dog was great!

Hi! Folks, I had a great running gait analysis at Road Runner Sports near San Francisco, with Shoe Dog. They really knew what they were doing. Pressure analysis and a video, which told me where I need to improve my running. I took a picture of the pressure analysis using my pda (magic again), and here it is. I thought I was spreading the load equally on each foot and I was really surprised by the zone of ... Read more

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