FitOldDog’s Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Stent Graft Extension Has Survived Ironman Training And The Aneurysm Is Shrinking Again! Good News!

CT scan of FitOldDog's aneurysm, showing shrinkage, which is good.

Hi folks, welcome! After completing (not wonderfully, but finishing anyway, though I lost my bet of a crab dinner to Greg who had a great race) the Eagleman Half Ironman last weekend, I went to the Cleveland Clinic for my 6 month checkup. All is well, in spite of concerns about cycling adversely affecting the stent graft extension that was installed about 6 months ago - so now to prepare for the 2014 ... Read more

First Ironman With AAA Stent Graft, La Poutine And A Chip Butty

First Ironman With AAA Stent Graft, La Poutine And A Chip ButtyFitOldDog finishing the Lake Placid Ironman 2011, first in the world with an AAA stent graft.

Life is brief, so celebrate your successes. Yesterday I finished the Lake Placid Ironman for the fifth time. This may be the first Ironman completion for a person with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) stent graft (Cook Zenith). I had one of my worst race times, almost three hours slower than last year, due to being under-trained as a consequence of missed training in the Fall whilst recovering from the AAA-surgery, ... Read more

Have a Goal for Each and Every Workout

  Hi folks, Short blog today, just to suggest, as several coaches and books have suggested to me, that the quality of your workouts will improve if you have a goal or purpose for each workout. You also need to take into account the state of your body that day. For instance, my long run yesterday (15 miles of rolling trails in the rain - loved it!), in preparation for theKiawah Marathon in December, left my ... Read more

Looking for people with an AAA-stent

Looking for people with an AAA-stentAAA Off the Bike Corrected Date

Hi! Folks, I am moving from my old site at to Wordpress within GoDaddy as I couldn't get the redirect to work (I sure tried!!). The goal of this blog is to find people with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) who wish to continue training and to create a forum for discussion. Time to learn Wordpress! Cheers, Kevin ... Read more

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