Zen And The Art Of Body Maintenance

Hi folks, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is a great book. When I used to lecture to students interested in a research career, I would recommend reading this book, in addition to 'Arrowsmith' and 'Winning Games Scientists Play,' amongst others. There was a quote from Robert M. Pirsig's great book that I kept over my desk in my messy office at The Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology where I worked ... Read more

Beware Brad (Greeks?) Bearing Gifts, But Thanks For The Kind Gift Of Amby Burfoot’s Recent Book My Friend!

Hi folks! I am a suspicious person by nature (or nurture?), but I was very pleasantly surprised by a recent present from Brad. Now! I never seem to be able to predict or understand Brad. He just turns up! Sometimes he seems almost scared of me, but he is much bigger than I am so that doesn't make sense. But Deb likes and respects him a lot for all the help that he and his wife have given her with her autistic son, ... Read more

Open Water Swim, New Bike, And Running In The Rain, All In One Weekend: Could Life Be Better?

Hi folks! People often ask me if I am a little crazy doing Ironman training. I think people who don't train are crazy! There is always some kind of workout that you can do, even if you are severely injured or disabled. Just look around and see what some people achieve, like Benjamin Carey, for instance. He and his 'open heart' surgeon completed the New York Marathon one year to the day after they replaced ... Read more

Book Review – “The Athlete’s Guide To Recovery” by Sage Rountree

Hi folks! I met Sage in the Open Eye cafe the other day and, with her usual energy and enthusiasm, she asked me how my training was going. During the ensuing conversation Sage mentioned that her latest book had just come out. I have considered writing a book a number of times, and then thought better of it - too much work! I love to read, so I contribute to the literature by actually buying books to provide the ... Read more

Tennis-Induced Wrist Pain – Every Injury Is An Opportunity To Learn And To Improve In Your Sport

Tennis-Induced Wrist Pain - Every Injury Is An Opportunity To Learn And To Improve In Your Sport

This post is about tennis-induced wrist pain. However, the ideas expressed here extend to any sports injury. Body-awareness is the real key to staying fit and active into old age. Don't let a chronic injury hold you back from having fun. Work out what is going on, and fix it, before it gets to be serious. I'm still doing Ironman training as of today (February, 2016), at age 72. It's fun! But I have to be ... Read more

Continued Ironman Training Thanks To Modern Surgery, Feldenkrais, And Lots Of Other Things Including a Well Aimed Bottle Of Beer From A Passing Truck!

  Hi folks, I was in the dentist's office again today and a nice lady there said "Great calves! How come? Are you a runner?" Well! I do run a bit, I replied, and that got me thinking. I do run a bit, and why is it that I can still run? Just take a look at my latest injury inventory diagram: A lot of people have helped me to address my injuries along the way, with great advice on treatment of many ... Read more

Joe Friel’s Site Is Really Useful If You Are Undertaking Endurance Training – If You’re Not, I Can’t Imagine Why!

Hi folks! I'm always looking for websites that help my training, so recently I put Joe Friels' Blog on my Google desktop to see what came by. Good stuff came by, such as his recent article on the effect of missing workouts, which included this fascinating table: The styrofoam cup 'meditation' that I wrote about ages ago, also came from a comment in Joe's book, Going Long, which I highly recommend! Thanks ... Read more

AAA Screening For All Men Over 65 (What About Women?): Well Done NHS – What Is Happening In The US of A?

Hi folks, I just read this on the British (or is it English? This turned out to be an important distinction when I lived in Scotland!) Aortic Dissection Support Group site: "In the UK, the NHS (National Health Service) have acted with great responsibility to set up a NATIONAL SCREENING program for all men in the UK 65 and over. The phased roll-out of the programme nationally began in 2009 with an anticipation ... Read more

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