FitOldDog’s Promoting VOXX Socks, To Improve Balance Skills? But They’re Not Socks!!

Improve balance skills:

To save you from a lethal fall!

To increase athletic performance!

 Socks that improve balance skills?

But VOXX Socks, Are Not Socks!

They’re mechanoreceptor recalibration units!

They’re proprioceptive activation systems!

improve balance skills: plantar fasciitis progression

Click image, for link to the FitOldDog Interactive Map of ‘so-called plantar fasciitis’ treatment nonsense. Expensive nonsense!

Finally, a product that I really like. After all that plantar fasciitis treatment product nonsense (Apart from the ASTRO)!

VOXX socks provide a wake up call, to re-awaken your body movement skills!

I’m a scientist, not a salesman!

So, I’m not selling great socks!

I’m promoting good science!

Finally in my element!

You can’t walk, if you can’t balance!

Any three-year old can tell you that!

improve balance skills with VOXX socks

Great reading, for those interested in understanding how their body works, and how to improve their body movement skills. Movement starts with balance.

“In fact, dynamic sensory inputs from visual as well as other tactile senses are important for proprioception and accurate movement (Mutha, Boulinguez, & Sainburg, 2001).” Cited by Caroline Joy Co

Ever watched someone floundering around in the pool, as they struggle to breath? This is almost always due to poor balance skills. Improve balance in the water, and you’re on your way to enjoyable swimming, and better performance. By the way, if you want to improve your balance in the water, try Total Immersion Swimming! It sure reduced my level of effort in the Ironman 2.4-mile swim, making it easier to clamber on the bike for the 112-mile bike ride that precedes the marathon!

This is what got me thinking about the ability of VOXX socks to improve my running performance. Which they do! The effect was pretty dramatic, but not so impressive as the influence on my balance (see the video, above).

A simple balance exercise, you can do in the grocery line, is one key element of my Body Meditation Course, With Linked Videos. I’ve thought about balance a lot, since suffering a crippling attack of vertigo (dizziness), in response to dehydration – beware bonking out of context, fellow athletes!

Vertigo sucks! I don’t want to go there again!

improve balance skills: running performance

I love vegetable gardening, too!

I wondered why VOXX socks, which improve my sense of balance, increase my athletic performance? I suspect that it’s the same as swimming.

My hypothesis: A poor sense of balance, while running, will waste lots of energy. Subconscious corrections to your center of gravity (balance), as you run, costs. This expense is necessary, to stay upright, while negotiating the landscape. It may also be the case on the bike, as we work to obey the first rule of cycling – “Keep the rubber side down.”

I will investigate this, when the weather warms up, and report back.

I bet VOXX socks work for other proprioceptive/nociceptive problems, as well. Such as ilio-tibial band syndrome (ITBS) and so-called plantar fasciitis.’

Based on case reports I’ve read, VOXX socks help people with the balance issues of multiple sclerosis (MS).

I like my VOXX Socks, so research will continue, to eliminate my receding skepticism!

Wishing you happy trails.

FitOldDog (neophyte sock salesman)

PS Am I excited about this product? Yes! Finally! A gizmo to believe in, but research will continue! Healthy skepticism is the key to good science.


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