Regular Health Screening Should Be Part Of Your Exercise Program And It Can Save Your Life

  Hi folks, The number of health screens of which you can avail yourself in order to extend your life span is increasing steadily. You should explore your family history for your own specific risks, and not wait for the medical community to prompt you to do so. In my case my genetic risks included severe hyperlipidemia and aortic aneurysms. About 30 years ago we detected extremely high blood lipids in ... Read more

Spinning With Weights And Don’t Forget Your Tongue

  Hi folks, My latest Continuum dance lesson effectively demonstrated the importance of arm dynamics during running. During this session, Rebecca handed me a soft, five inch diameter ball weighing about 2 lbs. and I was told to balance the ball in the palm of my hand, whilst I then danced to some music. The effect was fascinating. The extra weight in my hand resulted in dramatic effects on body dynamics, ... Read more

Notes Of A Young Bristolian Biology Watcher And Later To Be Blogger

Hi folks, welcome! I was a biologist at heart from an early age, owning a pretty nice microscope at the age of twelve. I found this wonderful device by chance (was it chance?), hidden in the back of a 'junk shop' in Bristol, covered in dust and badly neglected. A few years later, I discovered an old Villiers motor cycle engine in a similar way and it took me on equally exciting adventures. This little ... Read more

Mr. Bones Takes A Ride, And That’s What It’s All About

Hi folks, We have a number of major sub-systems holding our bodies together, which in order of depth from the surface include the integument (essentially skin and nails), fascia, muscles and tendons, and bones and ligaments. These structural components are nourished in a number of ways by the gastrointestinal, respiratory, vascular, lymphatic, nervous (central, sympathetic, and parasympathetic), and endocrine ... Read more

You Are Responsible For Your Own Education On Over Training

Hi folks, From time to time I receive articles from friends about over training. I cannot imagine how Ironman training could lead to too much exercise, can you? My approach to this issue is pretty simple, and here are my rules: If my morning pulse is up by more than 5-10 beats, I may be over trained and should back off simply because more is not necessarily better. A note to people, such as myself, with an ... Read more

Monday Anchor Post: Be Aware Of Your Shoulders And Arms During Triathlon Training

Hi folks, I recently read an article on the Inkling Media blogsite, which proposed that when blogging one should consider including a regular 'anchor post,' just to keep the blogging on track and the readership happy. I thought, "why not give it a try?" so here we are. My anchor is training, stented or not. Today I want to talk briefly about the importance of arm and shoulder position in swimming, biking and ... Read more

Train to Race or Race to Train, Lazy Bum, And Dropped By An 81-Year Old

  Hi folks, Well! My son and I finished the Eagleman race this weekend. It was one of those races where you wonder why you are doing this to yourself, as it was very hot, lots of people had cramps, and both of our runs were a mess due to cramping. This is when I have to remind myself that I race to train, not the other way around. I enjoy the races, but I don't enjoy quad cramps during a run. This has only ... Read more

I Love My New Drawing Book – Observation, Awareness, Technique, Patience, And Endurance Training

I was hunting around on my Nook looking for a drawing instruction book when I came across the little e-tome below. The drawing of the cats on the cover just blew me away! I downloaded the book for a few bucks, started reading, and then thought that I would try my hand at drawing my new running shoes following the instructions in my Nook Book. I really like my new Chez Ollie running shoes, which I purchased at ... Read more

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