Driving To CostCo Reminds Me Of The Cardiovascular System

The shelves at CostCo where we, Johnny's Gone Fishing, obtain some of our merchandise.

  Hi folks, Your blood supply is important for every little piece of your body. It just takes one clogged or broken artery and you have a problem, unless the affected region of the body has an accessory (secondary, other) source of blood. The blood carries oxygen from your lungs, hormones from your endocrine glands, food from your gut, vitamin D3 from your skin, waste products from your liver, kidneys ... Read more

Beware The Dangers Of Bonking Out Of Context And The Potential Role Of Network Dynamics

We see life through a tiny window that is limited by our senses and lifespan, and then we claim that we know what is going on!

Hi folks, welcome! Noticing a bright and detailed image of the outside world through a small window in a dark room, I was struck by the imperfect or incomplete picture of the world it provided. Knowing the forest outside this house quite well, I could fill in the surrounding details for quite some distance, but what if I was not privy to this information? That little window view would be the world to me. This ... Read more

The Link Between Pedal Cadence And Heart Rate On The Bike

When you ride a trainer bike there are two main sources of data collection, the dashboard and perceived effort.

  Hi folks, Life is interesting, and even more interesting if you question the obvious. It is becoming 'obvious' that the most efficient cadence on the bike is around 90-95, based upon things I have been told by coaches and read on the Internet. But is this true all the time? I doubt it. During long trainer rides you have plenty of time to explore these issues, which passes the time nicely, increases ... Read more

Fond Memories Of An Expat AAA-Ironman Triathlete As A Young Veterinarian In Wellington Somerset

Wellington, Somerset, where FitOldDog spent a year as a young veterinarian in the late 1960s. From: http://goo.gl/Jrg54

  Hi folks, Many years ago I lived in Wellington, Somerset, England, where I worked as a young veterinarian. In fact, one of my latest Veterinary Tales, 'Pride Cometh Before A Fall,' was based upon an experience on a farm whilst I was working in the Wellington practice. It seems such a long time ago, so I looked on the Internet for a photograph of the Wellington of Today, and it looks to be just the ... Read more

If Your Health Status Has Changed Don’t Live In The Past, Embrace Today While You Can

If you have type II diabetes mellitus exercise and diet modification could markedly improve your life. From: http://goo.gl/tbl72

  Hi folks, As life goes by we encounter changes in our health status. You can resist for a while, but you'll eventually be forced to accept this reality. Better to learn to live well with your issue sooner rather than later, I say. For instance, if you have a heart attack, followed by coronary arterial angioplasty, you are now different. If you are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type II, you are a ... Read more

LRP1 Gene – Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Discovery And Do You Have AAA+Dyslipidemia?

'statin pathway' diagram with LRP1

  Hi folks, Great news this week with respect to the possible underlying mechanism of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), a link between AAA and the gene LRP1. The authors said, "Through this research we have identified a gene that is associated with AAA and the further investigation of the function of this gene in relation to AAA may help us understand more about the disease and how to treat it without ... Read more

Open Heart Surgery, Aortic Aneurysm, Needing Inspiration, Take A Look At Heartosaurus

TeamHeartosaurusMain Runners

  Hi folks, I thought that it was about time I gave my friend Benjamin Carey a plug for his site, and his excellent book. If you are dealing with a health challenge, and you are scared to exercise, just take a look at what he and his surgeon did together. He tells the story in his book, 'Barefoot in November.' It is truly inspiring, having provided me with considerable encouragement! It is surprising what ... Read more

Is The Ironman Safe? FitOldDog Says, “Yes, If You Do It Right.” What Do The Experts Say?

Lawrence Creswell The Athletes Heart Blog Ironman Risk heart disease

Hi folks, We live in a truly hostile environment, and we want to feel safe. The air we breathe is held on by gravity, and one good near miss by a large meteor could suck it all away. The solid ground isn't solid after all (ever been through a small earthquake?), and the so-called solid bit is floating on molten rock (not friendly stuff for organisms made largely of water). We are surrounded by and full of other ... Read more

My Coach’s Training Plan And Heart Rate Strategy Got Me To The Boston Marathon

boston marathon, coaching, thunder road marathon, run, motivation, heart rate

 Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! When it comes to training you have to do the work, but a good coach can make all the difference to your race achievements. I remember preparing for my Boston Marathon qualifier in 2008, the Charlotte Thunder Road marathon. A marathon is a long way if you are running, and a slight difference in your average pace can make all the difference to your finishing time. My goal for ... Read more

Regular Health Screening Should Be Part Of Your Exercise Program And It Can Save Your Life

My eldest son, Nick, aged 42, father of two lovely sons and a serious weight-lifter, has a baseline measurement of his aorta by ultrasound because he risks inheriting my aortic aneurysm defect.

  Hi folks, The number of health screens of which you can avail yourself in order to extend your life span is increasing steadily. You should explore your family history for your own specific risks, and not wait for the medical community to prompt you to do so. In my case my genetic risks included severe hyperlipidemia and aortic aneurysms. About 30 years ago we detected extremely high blood lipids in ... Read more

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