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The FitOldDog Safe Exercise Wheel runs clockwise, starting at the top, with reward or celebration as a critical final component of each cycle.

There are ever growing resources on the Internet, including those related to exercise with or without a health challenge, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes. It is essential to undertake safe exercise for better health. I am hoping to use my experience with a life-threatening aortic aneurysm to bring hope to people with health challenges with respect to their future as athletes through the development of an intelligent exercise philosophy.

This page provides useful links to resources that might be of value to you – don’t give up, life is too brief to miss!



Tuck, Advancing Better Sleep

Inspiring People:

An Ironman and a heart disease survivor – Richard Gardner

Fitness For Over 50;

Cardiovascular Disease:

Cardiac Athlete; The Athlete’s Heart Blog;; Heartosaurus; AAA Awareness; Web MD Safe Exercise for Heart Disease Patients;

Cerebrovascular Disease:

Brain Aneurysm Foundation;

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms:

Chez Ollie; AAA Forum At

Aortic Dissection:

Chez Ollie;

Diabetes Mellitus:

Chez Ollie; NATA Diabetes Training; Diabetes Spectrum, Athlete Management; International Diabetes Center; Exercise and Diabetes; Drug and Alcohol Use With Diabetes


Disability Sports; Disabled Athlete Links;


Athletes For A Cure; Athletes Kicking Cancer; Chez Ollie; The Geezer Jock; Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog

Herniated Disk:

Aging Generally:

Master’s Athlete; Chez Ollie; Masters Track; My AARP Blog; Boomer Authority; Fitness Over 50; Forty Plus Fitness;

Injury and Recovery:

Recovery Doctor; Athlete’s Guide to Recovery

Training Generally: Live Strong; Journal of Physical Education and Dance; Sage Rountree Yoga and Training; Joe Friel’s Blog; Runners World; American College of Sports Medicine; Pose Tech; Chi Running; Total Immersion Swimming; Training Later in Life; Xtri; Strength Running; Swim Smooth; My Train Local; Exercise for Better Health; Core Running;

Nutrition: Marks Daily Apple; Four Hour Body; Calorie Connect; Greatest; Live Lean Tips;



Genetics of Aneurysms: National Marfan Foundation;

The Authors Video Links:

Interview by Bill VickFitOldDog YouTube Videos;



  1. Hi,

    I’m wondering if you can help me.

    We’ve recently pulled together an article on running with plantar fasciitis that I’m sure would be of interest to your audience. The guide covers everything from what causes the condition right through to a quick overview of the best shoes that sufferers should wear.

    Do you accept suggestions for additional link to add to your resources page?

    Warm Regards,


    • Hi Paul,
      I’m only too happy to promote your article. If you want a free copy of our Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Roadmap, I’ll send you a download link. I can be reached at
      Send me the best link to use, here. I can also promote you on Facebook, Twitter, and so-forth.
      If you want to write an invited blog post, on your article, that would be even better. Plus, the links, of course.
      Kind Regards,
      Kevin (off to the pool – better than assisted living).

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