A Continuum Dance Lesson Video For FitOldDog By Rebecca


Hi folks,

As a component of my approach to exercise for better health and Ironman training, I have incorporated dance lessons using Continuum. Today I enjoyed my lesson so much that I wanted to share it with you in the form of a video prepared by my teacher, Rebecca, of Evolving Therapies, Chapel Hill, NC.

This approach is fascinating, much more difficult than it looks and it takes a strong core, which is why I didn’t choose to show you a video of FitOldDog falling off of the training ball. It is all about learning to relate to the ground and to your dance partners through body-awareness, and the training ball does this beautifully, as does Rebecca. You can then incorporate this learning into your athletic tool kit.

Thanks again, Rebecca, for another great dance lesson.

-k @Your Medical Mind


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