Lumpers, Splitters, Phenotypic Variance, And Life As A State Of Dynamic Tension

Hi folks! It would appear that we are all slightly different creatures, humans, but we do fall into certain types, or phenotypes. Tall, short, phlegmatic, choleric, hirsute, less hairy, analytical, emotive, and so-forth! When I worked as a pathologist it was clear that there are two types of pathologists, lumpers and splitters. If you are a lumper and you try to work with a splitter, they'll drive you crazy, and ... Read more

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, Shaking Hands With Death, And Embracing Your Climacteric!

  Hi folks! I attended St. George's Grammar school in England in the late 1950s to the early 1960s. Here is picture of the school building as it was when I was there as a shy teenager who was definitely not part of the 'in set.' I did, however, love to study and learn new things. This scholastic edifice, which was very kind to me in many ways, exposed me to a range of interesting subjects including ... Read more

Social Networking And An Open Mind Can Be Important With Respect To Your Exercise Plans

Hi folks! Internet-based social networking has turned out to have many benefits in my life. My bike guy and one of my Internet mentors, Victor of Bicycle Lab, has encouraged me to engage in tweeting for some time - I finally succumbed - and gave it a whiz and, as Victor said so many times, if done right it really works. It finds useful stuff, it gets your stuff out there, and if used with tools like HootSuite, it ... Read more

Staying In Shape Has Great Benefits – Dolphins In Hawaii!

  Hi folks, I often stop to appreciate the joys of being in good physical shape, and long may it last. This came home to me about 10 years ago while I was visiting Hawaii to watch my son, Nigel, do the Hawaii Ironman again. About three days before the race the organizers put out the swim buoys for the 2.4 mile course that runs along the coast about a quarter mile from the shore. During the race it ... Read more

Talking To Your Inner Child, Creative Visualization, And Learning To Dance Through Life!

  Hi folks! I reread this, as a result of the apparent interest it elicited, which I observed using Webmaster Tools, and decided to redistribute. It occurred to me that to be an athlete, or exercise for better health [spot the keyword and 'Hi! Bots'], you have to face yourself. Get ready for some ‘psychobabble,’ though I take it seriously myself. About 30 years ago I went through a major personal ... Read more

If You Are What You Eat, Where Can You Find Guidance You Trust?

Hi folks! I was recently paid the compliment of being asked the following question: "Anonymous is asking me if he can try using some kind of nutritional supplement as he wants to keep up an exercise and weight-training program through the spring and summer.  Can you suggest anything or any good resources for researching what would be best for him?  I don't want to let him waste money on something that's not ... Read more

It Is Easier To Want What You Get Than To Get What You Want, Apollo 13, and Rube Goldberg Machines

Hi folks, I remember reading a Zen Meditation book, written by a small group in California (I couldn't find this book on line), in which it was stated that 'it is easier to want what you get than to get what you want.' It really means that you can enjoy life with what you have, rather than always wanting what you don't have, to which there is no end. This sounds like the Chez Ollie all wrapped up in a different ... Read more

The Art Of Artful Living And How Training Helps Us To Deal With Aging

  Hi folks! I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) the other day, where the life of Robert Frost was being discussed, and one of the 'discussants' stated that Robert Frost was of the opinion that we are all artists, and should live our lives as we see the world, not as others would want us to see it. I liked that idea, though I couldn't find the source of this information. Instead, I found the ... Read more

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