The Ironman Swim From Hell In Saint George And Thoughts On Use Of The Finis Metronome For Swimming and Running

  Hi folks, I was just introduced to the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro¬†(metronome) by my triathlete son, Nigel, and here he is coming out of the water after the hardest swim of his life, he said, at the Saint George Ironman, 2012. The wind picked up to the point of white caps and three foot waves, forcing many swimmers to abandon ship (so to speak). This was the first time I saw Nigel take more than one hour to ... Read more

The Link Between Pedal Cadence And Heart Rate On The Bike

Why Care About The Link Between Pedal Cadence And Heart Rate? It's About Being Aware Of What's Going On You Can Assess Load Based On Heart Rate, Perception, And Wattage. They Are All Linked To Get FitOldDog's 10 Favorite Ironman Tips Sign Up Via The First Ironman Over 50 Mentor Site Is 90-95 the most efficient pedal cadence on the bike? Most coaches say so! Question the obvious. It is becoming ... Read more

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