11 Tips On Exercise For Better Health From FitOldDog

  Hi folks, With over 200 posts under my blogging belt, I thought it might be useful to my readers if I went through and pulled out pieces of key exercise advice, with links to the respective posts. Then I thought, "but I love prime numbers, remember that great book about the Reimann Hypothesis that I referred to ages ago, Prime Obsession?" So I decided to select 11 training tips, instead. Here they ... Read more

Do You Need A Coach, And If So How Do You Find A Good One?

  Hi folks, I am a highly motivated person, but on a dark winters morning, when it is raining, I'm tired and stiff and in my warm bed, do I really want to go on that early morning ride, jump in the pool, or wade through cold water on muddy trails? Or would I like to stay in the warm and have a nice hot cup of tea? Easy to answer, which is why I need a coach, whether I need to exercise for better health ... Read more

Disclaimer: As a veterinarian, I do not provide medical advice for human animals. If you undertake or modify an exercise program, consult your medical advisors before doing so. Undertaking activities pursued by the author does not mean that he endorses your undertaking such activities, which is clearly your decision and responsibility. Be careful and sensible, please.