Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Walking Your Dog As A Conditioning Exercise

  Hi folks, I learned about exercise from many people, one of which was Bruce Lee, via his books and my Jeet Kune Do instructor, Erwin (haven't seen him for years - really nice guy). Ironman training or not, I couldn't handle one of Erwin's classes today. I remember Bruce Lee writing that one should incorporate exercise into your daily life, and not confine it to the workout area. This included climbing ... Read more

Are High School Athletics And Academics The Road To A Life-Long Love Of Learning?

I am fortunate in that our mother encouraged us to gain an education, leading us kids to a love of learning, with foreign languages and music being a constant accompaniment to our teenage existence. I took up photography and water polo in order to seek respite from the household clamor, because it is quiet in the dark room and there is little talking in the pool. My childhood homelife experience, however, taught ... Read more

Your Competition May Not Be As Tough As They Look

  Hi folks, Life is full of surprises, so don't let your competition psyche you out (it's not over 'till its over). When I was a youngster I joined a judo club. After only a few months of training our group of 15 to 16-year-old boys was asked to participate in a martial arts demonstration in a large auditorium in the center of town. We didn't know much, but then our role was to act as a backdrop for the ... Read more

Training As A Journey Of Self-Discovery: How Much Is Too Much?

  Hi folks, The real art to training safely comes down to knowing what to do and becoming aware of how much is too much. Too much what, you might ask? Let's consider a few key variables. Impact: Recently I sent out a tweet, via Twuffer to Twitter (brave new world), providing a Chez Ollie in the website concerning the value of exercise for Baby Boomers. There was a statement in this ... Read more

One Of The Greatest Achievements Of My Life, To Overcome Racism And Ageism

How I Overcame Racism And Ageism One of the greatest achievements of my life! I'd listen to the podcast, if I were you, that old blog post is a bit of a messy narrative. Your call, FitOldDog I should really fix up this old narrative. I will, one day, but it's time to ride the bike! My life has taught me, in many ways, that it is not a good idea to give up too soon in any endeavor that you really care ... Read more

The Art Of Artful Living And How Training Helps Us To Deal With Aging

  Hi folks! I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) the other day, where the life of Robert Frost was being discussed, and one of the 'discussants' stated that Robert Frost was of the opinion that we are all artists, and should live our lives as we see the world, not as others would want us to see it. I liked that idea, though I couldn't find the source of this information. Instead, I found the ... Read more

Fate Taps Gently On The Door: Self-Awareness Can Save Your Life (It Did Mine!).

  Hi folks! It is important to remember that fate sometimes taps gently on the door of our consciousness. It can be fatal not to listen. This is certainly true of many aging conditions, including aneurysms. So! For older athletes, who better to turn to for advice than the more mature athlete? For instance, Martin Duff wrote as follows in a recent article in Athletics Weekly, entitled 'Life in the Old Dog ... Read more

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