United Airlines Were On Time And They Didn’t Break Our Ukelele, But They Could Work On Seat Design

Hi folks, We're back from the wedding in Hawaii, very jet lagged, but happy. All the United Airlines flights were on time and the staff were friendly and kind, and they didn't break any of our luggage. I loved the YouTube video about United Airlines breaking a Taylor guitar, because it demonstrates that the 'little guy' can fight back against major corporations, and their tendency towards indifference for their ... Read more

Further Thoughts By FitOldDog On The Role of Posture In Forearm And Wrist Strain

  Hi folks, Your forearms, wrists and hands are key tools, without which life can be extremely difficult. It is easy to strain your wrist, being a common problem for tennis players and those who work for extended hours on computer keyboards. In fact, mousing injury can be a real pain, literally, locking up your hand when typing or mousing. Furthermore, I have found that excessive tension in your hands ... Read more

Continuum Is Improving My Posture Thank Goodness

  Hi folks, If you look around you will observe that people have a wide range of postures, some slouching close to the ground, heads protruding forward with shoulders hunched, whilst others stand erect and tall. This is all a matter of posture and stance, and I have problems with both. I tend to round my shoulders due to tight pectoral muscles, stick my head out in front of my body looking at the ... Read more

Posture Is A Critical Key To Biomechanical Health And Athletics

  Hi folks, Work on Johnny's Gone Fishing LLC is moving along nicely, as Erica, Jan and I work to recreate a local community space and grocery store. This is all new to me, as an ex-scientist, but I do get to make some great trips to large stores seeking inventory for our shelves. Jan and I were off on yet another shopping trip when we noticed a car on the side of the road, with a rather ... Read more

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