The Elliptical Trainer Is An Excellent (Stent-Friendly) Warmup Tool

  Hi folks, It is important to warm up before weight training at the gym. I used to use the rowing machine, but this is clearly contraindicated for people with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. So I migrated to the elliptical trainer for weight room warm-ups. It is surprising how effective this equipment can be, but you have to explore the relationship between the machine and your body. In order to do this, ... Read more

We Need To Develop Do’s And Don’ts For AAA, Cardiac Stents, And Everything Else For That Matter

Boy, these old posts are badly written and constructed - that's how you learn! Hi folks, You hear of exercise being touted as a cure-all, whereas it can clearly be risky in certain situations. For instance, if you are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes are there amounts and types of exercise that are contra-indicated (not good in your situation)? I bet there are! This is true of age (too much bouncing on a ... Read more

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