The Toughest Aspect Of Ironman Is Balancing Training With Other Commitments


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Ironman training with kids takes dedication, balance, a supportive family, and an especially great partner. Here is my son Nigel with his three children, just before we leave for his Ironman race in Utah.

I’m off to watch my youngest son, Nigel, compete in the St. George Ironman, 2012, and on the way I had a chance to spend time with his family, including three of my grandchildren. It is interesting to watch a young family struggle with the issue of time, the ceaseless energy of children, work responsibilities, and keeping relationships happy and healthy. When it comes to Ironman training, the real problem lies with those long bike rides that can take up half a day, whilst the kids need attention constantly. There is one key to this dilemma, an understanding and patient partner, without which it will never work. How is your partner going to encourage you to train when it means that they are abandoned for the greater part of the day? I guess that love really is the answer!

For Ironman athletes with kids it is the partners who should really get the medal.

-k @FitOldDog



  1. Matthew says

    Good luck to Nigel.
    I can imagine how tough iron man training must be.
    I find it hard enough just concentrating on just the running!!

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