FitOldDog Training Video #2: Sitting For Symmetry

  Hi folks, I have found that some of the most effective exercises are those that you can apply in daily life. This is the philosophy used by David Harp (now David Harp and Nina Smiley) in that great book, 'The Three Minute Meditator.' I still use the meditating ideas that I read there about 15 years ago. I can meditate at traffic lights, in the grocery line, and if I have the forethought, when I get ... Read more

FitOldDog Exercise Video On How To Reduce Your Risk Of Falling Through Better Gravity And Balance Awareness

  Hi folks, For older adults, especially the elderly, a fall can be devastating. The risk of falls can be much reduced by spending a little time becoming more aware of your body, and of it's relationship to gravity and objects that you handle everyday. This post provides some thoughts on body awareness and describes a simple exercise to improve your balance awareness. It's funny how it takes a while to ... Read more

Feldenkrais Session: Getting To Know My Spine A Little Better

Hi folks, I experienced an interesting and educational Feldenkrais session today, which was initiated by my mentioning that I had a tight muscle in my back. The exercise was simple in principle but mentally challenging (for me at least, not for Karen, my instructor). Our spine consists of a bunch of bones stacked one on top of the other, with a tube down the middle in which lies our spinal cord. These bones ... Read more

Feldenkrais: What’s In A Name? Everything!

  Hi folks, We think in terms of symbols, as far as I can tell. For instance, the word 'cat' is linked to an image in your mind. Probably a different image in you, myself, a zoo keeper, a lion tamer, and the person who created the bizarre picture on the right, but an image nonetheless. For me, I think that this word will always be associated with my visual, tactile (soft and black, with sharp claws), ... Read more

Continued Ironman Training Thanks To Modern Surgery, Feldenkrais, And Lots Of Other Things Including a Well Aimed Bottle Of Beer From A Passing Truck!

  Hi folks, I was in the dentist's office again today and a nice lady there said "Great calves! How come? Are you a runner?" Well! I do run a bit, I replied, and that got me thinking. I do run a bit, and why is it that I can still run? Just take a look at my latest injury inventory diagram: A lot of people have helped me to address my injuries along the way, with great advice on treatment of many ... Read more

The Power Of The Mind: A Critical Aspect Of Endurance Training

Hi! Folks, Life is a funny thing, and if someone tells you they know what is going on, don't listen, no-one does. It is just too interesting for us wandering tube creatures to work it out, but we are having a lot of fun trying. Basically, it would appear, we look 'out there' through our senses from conception onwards (and maybe before that  - just consider DNA-methylation patterns?), take in data, build a map of ... Read more

Guarding, Feldenkrais, Triathlon Training, AAA-Stents and Origami

  Hi folks, Tip for the day: find what your neuromuscular system is guarding unnecessarily, as it can kill your training and will certainly slow you down. Book for the day: "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig. (all about quality of life, right!). Still a great book! Links for the day: Did you know that Origami played a big role in the design of your endovascular AAA-stent graft. ... Read more

Run Dog was great!

Hi! Folks, I had a great running gait analysis at Road Runner Sports near San Francisco, with Shoe Dog. They really knew what they were doing. Pressure analysis and a video, which told me where I need to improve my running. I took a picture of the pressure analysis using my pda (magic again), and here it is. I thought I was spreading the load equally on each foot and I was really surprised by the zone of ... Read more

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