106 Reasons People Don’t Exercise


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I am just coming to grips with Google+, but recently an interesting link streamed into my G+ site, which even I could not ignore. This link took me to an informative and entertaining video about media marketing.

Yep! Where would we be without nurses? I live with one, but she is always working or sleeping. Nurses have work hard as far as I can tell..

From '106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses' http://goo.gl/DLT2E. Yep! Where would we be without nurses? I live with one, but she is always working or sleeping. Do I feel neglected? PatheticOldDog?

Let’s face it, marketing is part of life. You just have to do it to succeed, whether you’re a baboon, a peacock, a scientist writing a grant application or a businessman attempting to obtain a bank loan. Marketing can be fun or a pain in the neck, depending on how you look at it. Furthermore, some people are gifted marketers, others (like myself) have to work at it. This video started me thinking about my nascent online business, Old Dogs in Training LLC, which is partly about raising cash to pay for my Ironman races, but is really being designed as an attempt to help people take back their life after a life-threatening health challenge. A propos marketing, the movie above mentions a highly successful blog post entitled, “106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great!” Then I thought, “I wonder if I can come up with 106 reasons that people don’t exercise,” even when exercise might save, extend, or enhance their lives. Here are the 106 reasons that I have heard or dreamed up:

  1. I hate exercise – this is by far the commonest reason in my experience.
  2. I don’t have time.
  3. It hurts when I do that.
  4. I know of people who died while they were running so it must be bad for you.
  5. I’m too busy with my kids and I can’t afford a sitter.
  6. I never really think about it.
  7. My doctor told me that I should, but I don’t see how that would do any good.
  8. I get out of breath easy.
  9. My Mom said that it is not good for people in our family.
  10. I never seem to get around to it.
  11. I’m not as fit as when I was younger and I can’t handle going slower than I did then, it’s embarrassing.
  12. It’s embarrassing.
  13. I don’t look good when I workout.
  14. I have a bad leg (arm, neck, whatever).
  15. It makes me hungry, so I eat more and put on weight.
  16. I did that for a while, hurt my knee, and my doctor said I should be more careful, which I assume means that my working out was not a good idea.
  17. My doctor is fat and lazy and he seems to be fine.
  18. People become obsessed with exercise and I don’t want to be like that.
  19. It makes your butt small and men don’t like women with small butts.
  20. It makes my boobs small and I don’t like that.
  21. It makes me sweat and smell bad.
  22. I get sore feet so I tried swimming, but it made my skin dry and ruined my hair.
  23. I don’t like those silly workout clothes.
  24. I can’t afford to go to the gym.
  25. It just never occurs to them to do it.
  26. I had a heart attack and I heard that people often die of heart attacks while they are working out, so why would I do that.
  27. It’s boring.
  28. They keep meaning to workout, they think about working out a lot, and that, I think, fools them into thinking that they are addressing the problem whereas they are not actually working out.
  29. They really hate working out because they were teased as the ‘fat kid’ at school – negative association.
  30. I would, but my favorite show is just starting.
  31. I had one but the wheel fell off.
  32. My girlfriend said it wasn’t good for me, as it takes time away from our relationship.
  33. My wife said that she is home with the kids all day, and how could I think of spending time on my own hobbies whilst ignoring my family?
  34. I would, but I’ve got to take the dog for a walk.
  35. What’s the point? Let’s just smoke another one.
  36. Yeah! Hey! Dude. Whatever.
  37. Damn, this beer’s good.
  38. Let’s wait until we have a plan.
  39. I’ll go see a fitness trainer and get their advice, as I don’t want to hurt myself.
  40. Man, whoever invented this Lazy Boy needs to get a medal.
  41. Where’s my TV remote?
  42. Remember what Winston Churchill said, ”Whenever I feel the urge to exercise, I sit down and wait until the urge passes.”
  43. Man, it’s been a long day.
  44. Boy, this bed is comfortable.
  45. Won’t you come with me? I hate running on my own. OK! We can run tomorrow.
  46. Let’s wait until the New Year, we’ll make a plan, and then we’ll do it.
  47. Let’s save for the gym membership.
  48. I had a friend who was working out and now he’s on crutches, so I’m not so sure.
  49. Are you crazy?
  50. What was that? Workout? Sure, whatever.
  51. I went to the doctor today, and he said that most of the people he sees for injuries to their legs are runners. Not me! No way.
  52. OK! Tomorrow.
  53. What if people laugh? People our age just don’t do that. Look at Gladys down the road. She is out there in that weird running suit, and I know that people are laughing at her.
  54. No f…..g way!
  55. My parents didn’t do that stuff and they lived into their 90s.
  56. I just like me the way I am. What is there to fix?
  57. I’m too old.
  58. I heard that exercise is stressful, and that stress impairs your immune system, and then you get sick.
  59. That’s for kids. Surely we’ve moved beyond that stage of life.
  60. I don’t want to.
  61. Damn, what do you expect?
  62. Can’t we just sit and enjoy the day. Why do we have to keep running around like a bunch of teenagers? Give it a break, please!
  63. Umhh! That’s a thought.
  64. I would prefer to watch paint dry.
  65. Those fitness freaks? You want us to be like them?
  66. The political climate isn’t right.
  67. My knees ache.
  68. My mother said that our family has weak joints, and so we would be better off just taking it easy, or we’ll hurt ourselves.
  69. Did you hear about Mr. Jones down the street? He was out running. Would you believe it, at his age? And then he collapsed in the street. Would you like another cup of tea?
  70. Are you telling me that there is something wrong with me?
  71. I’m not convinced that it is good for you, and lots of people are injured doing that.
  72. Let’s go to MacDonald’s instead.
  73. I can’t find my running shoes.
  74. I had a late night, and I really need my sleep.
  75. Health is largely genetic. You either have it or you don’t, and no amount of exercise is going to fix that.
  76. It’s just a fad. One day someone is going to find out that exercise is bad for you, and then where will you be?
  77. What was good enough for my dad is good enough for me. God bless his soul.
  78. Why?
  79. It makes me sweaty! No way!
  80. I have a naturally healthy disposition, so I don’t need to exercise. That’s for other people.
  81. Sure I will!
  82. Damn! This doughnut is the best.
  83. I never exercised in my life, and I’m fit, and I never had to visit my doctor (That’s what I heard my own mother say at age 92 – makes you wonder!).
  84. Why would I do something I hate? Have you ever tried? No! But I know that I would hate it.
  85. The gym is too far away.
  86. The gym is too expensive.
  87. I feel awkward in the gym, as though everyone is watching me.
  88. It’s too painful to do that, so it can’t possibly be good for you.
  89. It’s too late.
  90. It’s too early.
  91. It’s raining.
  92. It’s snowing.
  93. Let me just finish what I am doing, I won’t be long.
  94. Do you realize how fragile the human body is? Just one mismove and you break something and you’re in a wheelchair. That’s not for me.
  95. … …
  96. Let’s go shopping.
  97. I would prefer to drive, the street is too dangerous, and could you lock the door, please, dear?
  98. It doesn’t feel good to do that, whatever you say.
  99. I have to go to an important meeting, sorry.
  100. When you get to my age you’ll understand why I don’t do that (this actually happened to me when I invited a colleague to come to the gym – he thought I was much younger than him, but I was actually much older and much fitter – I am afraid that he died, and I really liked him).
  101. I’m too important to spend my time doing that. Just run along!
  102. It’s alright for you, but you don’t have my physical problems.
  103. I just wish I could, but I can’t. Sorry!
  104. You want me to do what?
  105. It makes my boobs droopy.

I guess that this all boils down to (a) I don’t like it, (b) it hurts, (c) I don’t see the point, (d) other people in my life don’t do it, (e) it’s dangerous, and (f) what was that again?

The real question is how do we motivate the people who really need to exercise for their survival, such as type II diabetics and the like?

-k @FitOldDog


  1. And don’t forget the excuse attributed to Neil Armstrong: “I believe that every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine running around doing exercises.” I’m also fond of “I don’t want everyone to see how much my butt jiggles when I run.”

    Great post!

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