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The author winning his age group at the 'Over The Mountain' point-to-point Olympic distance triathlon in 2008 (http://goo.gl/weMBQ) - don't I look playful?

Just thought that I would pull out some more training tips for fun. Here they are, with an embedded link to the related blog post:

  1. Play at your workouts rather than working at them, because it is more joyful and thus more effective. Translation: take your training seriously but not yourself.
  2. Try running straight out of the gym after a heavy weight workout (yes, including your legs), as I was instructed by my coach, Chris Haute of AIMP. It actually feels great, believe it or not!
  3. When training in the pool try to avoid hanging onto the wall beyond the defined rest interval between sets, as it can be addictive and thus mess up your workout.
  4. Finding good food is no easy feat, so I try to buy locally grown organic food whenever I can. I talked to nutrition enthusiast today, and learned a lot, so take a look at his website as it is interesting. There is a lot of information on nutrition on the web, much of it conflicting. It is critical that you educate yourself concerning what is best for you. We are all slightly different, remember.
  5. Improved mind and body awareness are critical as you develop an approach to safe exercise for better health, which is why I study Feldenkrais.
  6. If you decide to compete in running events, and you are an older athlete, I strongly recommend the ‘easy out negative split approach.’ A friend told me another take on this today, by a famous older runner, which was easy out, then taper down from there! [joke!] Just be kind to your older body, and push as hard as feels safe.
  7. Don’t let your competitors tempt you into racing beyond your ability and race strategy, with the associated risk of injury. The race is between you and yourself, whilst the clock and other people can look after themselves.
  8. If you plan to embark on an exercise program for better health you should first address your level of mind and body awareness through an appropriate training philosophy.
  9. As an older athlete, once you reach your peak, just try to not slow down, as opposed to trying to speed up with all it’s inherent risks.
  10. Find yourself good coaches as you go through the process of training, which can include peers ahead of you in the process, fitness trainers and qualified sports coaches. In my opinion, the key function of a coach is to protect you from yourself, so as to minimize the risk of injuries.
  11. Consider dance as a component of your training for improvement of coordination, balance, rhythm, and dynamics.
Whatever you do, have fun as life is brief.

-k Your Medical Mind


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