2014 Maryland Ironman Surgery Recovery Training Diary

I now feel that I’m getting back on track, as I continue deal with aortic surgery recovery (which takes longer than you think) though I may have to sort out a minor imbalance, which lies at the back of my recent bouts with a tight right calf, and plantar fasciitis in my left foot (not really in the foot, in the whole leg, but the symptoms appear in the heel!). I sure am glad we developed our plantar fasciitis treatment approach, and that it actually works.

Managed a 12-mile run a couple of days ago, so I’ll put my workouts here, as a training diary, through race day, as things are more promising now. Then I’ll close this page following the race report blog, and start a new one for my next race (and there are choices).

Thursday Sept 11: missed some posts as I worked with my tight left hip, and then I went to the OsteoPath – great visit, hip out of alignment from bike wreck last August, he put it back, details in blog post to come. No wonder I was having trouble, it was even starting to lock up on the bike. Now to spend the winter getting my running back, but I’ll still try to enjoy Maryland Ironman next weekend

Easy strength workout on the bike trainer – 10 min x 80 watts, 5 min x 160 watts, 5 min x 80 watts, 5 min x 160 watts, 5 min x 50 watt cool down. Cadence allowed to go wherever, but stayed around 75-95.

Thursday Sept 4: 2-hour spin on the trainer bike, followed by a 2-mile trail run as a brick.

Wed Sept 3: Easy spin on the bike with Sue, about 20 miles, spinning that 12-mile run, of 2 days ago, out of my legs, and a solid 4-mile run with Deb. Run is coming back, thank goodness.


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