A New Approach To Water Running And Moving From Your Inner Lines


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Watch the great distance runners and you'll notice that they move from their center with great form.

Watch the great distance runners and you'll notice that they move from their center with great form.

Water running is one of the most boring things imaginable, except that my Continuum instructor, Rebecca, taught me a new water running approach that has really helped to relax my hips. This water running method involves holding a mouthful of cool water, whilst moving your tongue around to explore the water spreading through your mouth until you find nooks and crannies never before noticed. This might seem like an odd thing to do whilst running, but it really helps you to relax your jaws, and this relaxation spreads through your body to reduce tension in you hips. Tension slows you down. It worked so well for me today I was pretty surprised. I was also focusing on running from my inner, as opposed to my outer, lines another concept introduced via Continuum. For the wannabe runner like me, this is a really big deal. It also surprised another great runner, Nick, my partner’s 14-year old son (sub-6 minute miler), who watched me run by, and said later, “Kevin, you were cruising.” Encouraging words indeed for an older age grouper interested in blogging ideas about safe exercise.

I have a tendency to move from my outer shoulders, much like an overdeveloped weight lifter or a sailor, swaying from side to side, somewhat in the manner of the incredible hulk. This mode of transport, which comes from holding tension in your sides, with a ‘pumped-up chest feeling,’ might be great for intimidating potential foes, but for running it wastes a lot of energy. Take a look at really successful runners and they seem to be balanced down their center or spinal core. With some training you can become more like such people, and if you do I am sure that it will bear fruit in your running. I’ve tried it and it really works. My long run today, in which I tried to move like my friend Randy who seems to have perfect form, left me with much less tightness in my lateral calves and hips than usual, and I was definitely moving more gracefully, silently, and at a faster pace for the same perceived effort.

If you run like the hulk, give this a try, but you may need some training from a Continuum or dance instructor. I sure did!

-k @FitOldDog

Today’s workouts:

Long run with Randy at the beach, working on running from my inner lines and water running. Felt great!


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