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A feisty but somewhat chubby little dog

My previous post contained a video clip made in my kitchen, which revealed a couple of bowls on the floor in the background. They belong to Scooter. He is a feisty little chap, but as I always spoil my animals he is also somewhat overweight. A few days ago he made the mistake of following me on a trail run, and after about a mile he was lagging seriously. Tongue lolling out of his mouth, pathetic expression, dropping behind, all that stuff. You know how they are when it comes to getting their way. But I had a run to do, and so I did it, carrying Scooter from time to time. Otherwise, the run was uneventful. This was not true of a run I took with my recently deceased dog, Nickel, about eight years ago. I made a serious error, which you should beware.

My Flexi extendable leash. This is a great product but NOT for running with your dog. From:

I ran with Nickel on an extendable lead. During the run three dogs came out from a nearby copse and decided to play with Nickel, a nervous dog at best. Before I new it Nickel had completed a circuit of my body and she high-tailed (though her tail was between her legs!) it out of there, and in so doing cinched the extended lead tightly around my ankles. As I was still running, I came down like a felled tree, putting up my left arm to protect my head as a reflex. My elbow hit the path directly, with my upper arm at the perfect angle needed to punch the head of my humerus out of my shoulder joint. Then there were my attempts with the reluctant aid of a passer by to get my joint back together, an ambulance, morphine, me trying to be brave (not succeeding too well, if I remember correctly), and my left shoulder has never been the same since. It was improved somewhat with the aid of a beer bottle, but the range of motion is still limited. I tell my story to people running with their dogs on extended leads, if they will listen. Makes me feel a bit like the Ancient Mariner without the albatross – I have it in the form of my messed up shoulder, but it isn’t so obvious as a dead bird hanging around my neck. They stop for a moment, humor this ‘weird old guy,’ and run on.

Beware accidents waiting to happen and listen when old guys stop you to tell you their troubles. May save you an injury, you never know.

-k Your Medical Mind



  1. I thought you didn’t have any pets now.

  2. Jess’s dog but he spends lots and lots of time with me. -k @FitOldDog

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