Adjusting to Barefoot Running Without Hurting Yourself – What is working for me!

Hi! Folks,

Learned a neat trick yesterday. As I increase my barefoot running technique, which I do either barefoot or with Nike Free shoes (Yes! It can be done, but you have to think barefoot or those shoes will suck you into your old way of running!), I find that my calves are having to adjust to the load in several new places. Here is the trick I used yesterday for a seven mile trail run – once I felt any strain in my calves I dropped back to fast walking rolling through my heels (Yes! My heels!) but NOT pushing off of my toes. This is a bit like a cross between walking and Chez Ollie (which, by-the-way has also helped me a lot over the years). About 50 yards of that, not slowing down too much, and back to barefoot style and the aches and pains go away. Worked for me!!

The trick to running is to find what works for you and does not lead to injury, no matter what other people say. This is a personal journey that has to be traveled with some thought and lots of pleasure. Hate it when I can’t run!!!



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