Affordable Movement Training, For Active Healthy Aging!

Affordable Movement Training?

So You Can Change The Way You Move, When Needed!

“This is one of your best videos, because you taught me something.” Marsha Schauer

My somewhat tedious video, on affordable movement training? Could have knocked me over with a feather. This comment, from a dedicated follower, sure surprised me! I thought the video was kind of long and boring! I just did it for fun. Maybe those are the most creative moments.

It’s all going to be in the book, I’m writing – have to finish a complete draft for March 30th, or $25 will go to the Trump Party – NO WAY! I’ve spent my life in health and environmental science – how about turning swords into plowshares?

affordable Mmovement training: Stikk system for finishing stuff.

Then I thought, thinking of presidents and videos, “I wonder which was the worst one!” We learn from our mistakes, right? Maybe not!

affordable movement training: affordably

Working on it, with a March 30th. deadline for a complete draft.

For a start, you can see that I’m not in race shape! I guess chest surgery to remove a tumor, and losing my beloved coach, Frits with an ‘s,’ played a role in that.

Now it’s time to get back in shape, and make a plan! But first to fix that iliacus (see video, above).

When it comes to aging:

“If it’s not one thing, it’s another!”

Usually due to a mistake, and that video was the product of a mistake!

I broke the 10% rule. I should have known better.

OK! Off to work on my training plan, based on Frits’s secret sauce.

Happy trails,



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