Screw Aging Or Is It Ageing? Just Balance Your Life, As Things Happen! And Happen They Will!

FitOldDog's business structure

My current business structure. Have I determined where I’m going as an entrepreneur after four years of work? No way! Am I having fun? Absolutely. I hope to do some good, and make a living. Pretty simple. FitOldDog

Balancing your diet, meat versus plants

Meat-based versus plant-based diets. There is a healthy place in the middle, but it depends where you live what you should, or even can, eat. Image created by FitOldDog.

As aging progresses, things happen. Some of those things aren’t so pleasant. Your job is to overcome them, move on, and provide inspiration to those following you in the river of life.

As we age our priorities may change. But inside, we’re still kids who want to play and have fun. I feel bad when I see older people all slumped over. Looking as though their life is empty.

Ageism is real, same as gravity. Deal with it. Have goals! Live life!

Pauline stress test

“I just finished a treadmill stress test as part of an Athletes Heart Study; I’m in the excessive exercise group.” Pauline, an inspiration to FitOldDog.

Use your experience to help others. I gained solace from the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Awareness Facebook Page. People arrive, often terrified, as they await surgery. Then they are welcomed to the site. Given a chance to talk to those who understand. Provided with guidance on what’s ahead. How to deal with surgeons, and then the recovery period.

A person who inspires me a great deal, is Pauline. We competed in the Eagleman Half-Ironman Triathlon last year. Pauline beat me hands down. She also experienced surgery for an AAA.

Pauline got over it. Returned to training. Provides guidance to others. And has a life!

Pretty simple.

Live today, in spite of aging, but plan for tomorrow.

Everything in moderation, including moderation (you have to party sometimes).


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