Aging, Alcohol, Sleep And An Inspiring Review Of FitOldDog’s Surgery Recovery Guide On Amazon

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This year's Nouveau is excellent! But beware!

This year’s Nouveau is excellent! But beware! Clementines with Brie and Dark Chocolate. Yummy – that’s why I took the liberty of using the picture again. ‘Tis the season. Photo by FitOldDog

Here is a critical piece of data – as I age (now 70) I observe my body slowly changing, and one thing I’ve noticed with alcohol (ethanol), even just one glass of wine, is that it interferes with my sleep. I love sleep! Ask any athlete about the importance of sleep in their training, and they’ll give you the real skinny on that one.

One of my key super-followers, Marsha, regretfully concurred.

When you’re sidelined from the sport that keeps you active and alive, you can feel your body decaying and your mind struggling with an endorphin deficit (only 13 days to surgery – be patient, FitOldDog). Surgery Recovery Guide Landing Page small fileThis can easily lead to excessive alcohol consumption, especially around the holiday season. So, beware this interesting, challenging, and dangerous drug. A glass of red wine with my lunch from time to time, just one, is delightful and appears to have no adverse effects, whilst two glasses will ruin the afternoon.

You don’t have to give into aging, but it is wise to respect the inevitable metabolic changes that occur for optimal living. Thinking of optimal living, I just received a great review of my Surgery Recovery Guide e-book on Amazon. Here it is:

Two athletes who inspire FitOldDog to keep moving along. Three races planned post surgery - can't wait to get back in training.

Two athletes who inspire FitOldDog to keep moving along. Three races planned post surgery – can’t wait to get back in training.

“Incisive and gentle guide by someone who has been there. Things you might not have thought of, and a careful and considered way forward after surgery on an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Links to his blog and other books that can help you find courage and your best self.” by Tucker Whitson

Such input provides inspiration to keep me moving right along. Inspiration can come from many places, including inspiring athletes, but more about that later – off to write a story about two them for a Triathlon Magazine.

That reminded me of the Muppet Movie, and the inspiring words of Kermit.

Thanks Tucker, I really appreciated the review. Such encouragement is better than a glass of wine, any day.

-k @FitOldDog


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