Aging, Health And The Value Of Regular Massage, Professional Or Self-Applied

Bob Hope

In his later years, Bob Hope had a massage therapist on his staff to massage him daily.

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As we get to enjoy the trials and tribulations of aging, we become stiffer. If you want to keep yourself moving as an older adult, or find tight muscles (myofascia) before they become sports injuries, have a massage.

FitOldDog with Tara House

FitOld Dog with his friend and masseuse (and Gyrokinesis and Pilates teacher), Tara House.

Massage is extremely beneficial, but complex. I have experienced two main forms of massage, ‘fluff and buff,‘ where the goal is relaxation, and sports massage, which can be extremely painful. I like to have a massage, when I can afford one, because it locates muscle tension that I don’t even suspect.

For instance, a few days ago I had a great massage from my friend, and professional body movement expert, Tara House, with the goal of reducing tension in my right calf and for general body maintenance. My right calf has been a chronic issue for my running, but it’s slowly improving as I apply regular stretching, and roller work with my TriggerPoint Performance Roller.

The Trigger Point Performance Roller kit

Click image for link to TriggerPoint Performance Rollers.

During my massage, Tara found that my left calf was actually tighter than the problem right side – surprise, surprise. I’d put so much attention on the right that I’d neglected the left, so on the roller it went.

I’d have injured that left calf too if Tara hadn’t pointed out the problem, sure as eggs are eggs!

Finally, if you can’t afford regular massages from a skilled massage therapist, like Tara, get yourself some rollers, and do it yourself as best you can.

Preferably use a combination of professional body work and personal myofascial work for optimal performance and an active old age.


Kevin aka FitOldDog


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