The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, For Aging Mobility

Aging Mobility

We all age, so get ready!

Aging mobility; four horsemen, winning, habits, diet, shoes

We all suffer the memes of our culture!

“An element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation.”

But it’s never too late to change!

aging mobility, walk like LorettaWinning: High school coaches are encouraged, largely by parents, to win at all cost. If a coach delays winning, in order to spend time teaching youngsters how to exercise safely, he/she is sure to be fired. Winning in school should be about enjoying exercise and learning for life, but it starts with the parents! Many a high school runner has ruined knees, as a result of this behavior – is that loving your kids, I wonder?

Solution: Re-define winning!

Habits: Many of our activities, from walking to sitting, are designed randomly. Were you ever taught how to sit or walk in a healthy manner. Sit the same way, and you’ll develop misalignments, walk incorrectly and you’ll eventually damage your knees, and fail to engage your whole body.

Solution: Watch your habits; for instance, change up the way you sit, and walk like Loretta!

FitOldDog enjoying herbs, ITBS

Fresh herbs from my garden. Delightful olfactory experience.

Diet: Do I really need to talk about this? Just look around, watch what people eat, and observe the consequences. Talk about a threat to aging mobility!

Solution: Get to know your local farmer, and better still, make a vegetable garden!

Shoes: We put our kids in shoes far too soon. Modern kids shoes are designed like orthotics, constricting their feet and encouraging heel strike. Modern running shoes, with a padded heel, also encourage heel strike. Death to one’s knees. Wider shoes, with zero drop, will encourage arch activation, and healthy, whole-body, movement.

Solution: Let your kids run barefoot, whenever it is safe to do so. Buy shoes with little or no support, so their feet can move freely, and develop strong arch machinery. If you’ve already messed up your arches, buy some Yoga Toes, and fix them – but do it slowly and carefully.

Wishing you happy trails, based on healthy aging mobility, for many years to come.



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