All Fueled Up At Johnny’s And Heading North With My Cook Zenith Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Stent Graft (Rupert) To Compete In The Lake Placid Ironman Again (Fun!!!!!)


Hi folks,

Edward, the wine connoisseur, at Johnny's in Carrboro

Edward, the wine connoisseur, at Johnny’s in Carrboro, our little grocery store, coffee shop and neighborhood hangout, especially for kids.

The Global Positioning Unit (GPS) I have in my truck is like magic. It can find a motel. How about that! When I head for the Lake Placid Ironman Race each summer, that I enjoy so much (except for the last few miles of the run, like everyone else – pure pain), I like to cook my own food from the back of my truck. In order to do this conveniently, I have to find motels where I can back my truck up to the door. I also like to pay less than $50 now that I’m on more limited resources.

With the right motel arrangement, I have my own little kitchen, dining room, and bedroom, all in one, plus friendly neighbors who want to know what I’m cooking. Funny how few people do this, but I like to cook all my own food using fresh vegetables and fish I buy along the way, plus some local fruit and cheese from time to time. I had the best hoop cheese in my life on one of these trips. Two of my regular support crew, Myles and Nick, still talk about that cheese. Thinking of food, before I left town I had a great lunch at Johnny’s, our little business in Carrboro, North Carolina, which included a Whitney Dane sandwich, and an elderberry drink to die for. This elderberry juice has got to be the most refreshing drink I have ever found in my life. Not too sweet. Not too tart. And it leaves you feeling great.

Deb and FitOldDog at Johnny's in Carrboro NC USA

Deb and FitOldDog at Johnny’s in Carrboro NC USA. Photo by tweeheeheehee!

But I had to drive away from my friends at Johnny’s, including our new wine expert and great guy, Edward, and head north. This time alone as my usual bevy of kids (now young adults) were otherwise occupied.

I really liked the way my GPS just found this motel. No hassle!

OK! Early to bed, early to rise, and a good breakfast, makes for a happy Ironman athlete with stent! I do miss my Deb, Jess, Nick and the rest of my family and friends already, but a bunch of them are coming up for the race, so I’ll see them soon. It is good for the soul to be alone from time to time, just to digest things. I also want to demonstrate that there is a life to be lived after aortic surgery recovery.

Don’t you think?

-k @FitOldDog



  1. Hi Kevin,
    I find your story very inspirational and I definitely think there is life after your surgery. You are quite proving it!
    Definitely looking forward to hearing about how it all went.

    Funny how these GPS things can be really useful but very annoying sometimes.

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