Are Destructive People, Tree Roots, Or Ideas, Crippling Your Life – Dump Them!

Cracked wall.

A beautiful river birch cracked the foundation of Deb’s house. Would you believe it? Some people cracked my foundation, so I fired them. Photo by FitOldDog.

Heed no hoary willow!

Fear neither root nor bough!

Tom goes on before you.

Hey now! merry dol!

We’ll be waiting for you!”

Tom Bombadil, Lord of the Rings.

New growth in response to cutting down a tree.

New growth, from a plant that was slowly dying, until we cut down that beautiful river birch. Photo by FitOldDog.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone, or some idea in your head, was holding you back? They probably are, so it’s time to move on – easy for people, harder for hard-wired ideas in your head, especially fear, though you can fix that too, if you try.

  • We noticed that nothing would grow well in one area of the yard, near the house.
  • Then we noticed, on digging around in that area, that there were some pretty big tree roots, up to three inches in diameter, running along under the ground.
  • Then we noticed that the basement was always damp.
  • Then we noticed a big crack in one wall.
  • Then we cleared out the basement, and noticed a big crack in the floor.
  • Then we noticed a massive (about 18 inches in diameter) tree root, running from a beautiful river birch near
    River birch roots.

    This beautiful tree was cutting Deb’s house in half. Sometimes you have to move on – sorry. Photo by FitOldDog

    the house (too near), was inline with the crack in the wall and the crack in the basement floor.

  • Then, on the advice of a builder, we cut down that beautiful tree, and fixed the leaks in the basement.
  • Then, guess what, the basement is dry now AND things are growing in that patch of ground, which is at least 30 feet from that beautiful river birch, which we sadly miss, but less and less each day as we enjoy the basement and the new growth in our garden.

People can be like that river birch, whether they are beautiful or not (though beauty is most certainly in the eye of the beholder – and we all contain some beauty, even the worst of us!).

Ideas in your head can be like that, too, especially misoneism (fear of change).

Took me a while to work that one out, but I finally did (in my 50s). My life has been improving ever since.

Wake up, and watch out for those tree roots!

Wishing you happy trails.



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