Athletes Need Effective Sunscreen And A Good Dermatologist

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This sunscreen goes on easy and it's waterproof. I like it. From:

I’m off to my dermatologist again tomorrow. Being fair-skinned and frequently sunburned as a kid, potential cancers pop up all the time, usually in the form of solar keratosis. These are rough patches, sometimes scaly, and tend to become white after swimming in the pool. If not removed they can progress to form a deadly kind of growth, the squamous cell carcinoma. These tumors can invade locally and they will spread to other parts of your body. The advantage of skin cancer is that you can see it¬†and have it removed or otherwise treated before it eats you up.

Ironman training involves hours and hours in the hot sun during the summer months, and you can even get badly sunburned in the winter here in North Carolina. Even if you are just doing exercise for better health, you need to take care of your skin. I have been searching for a convenient sunscreen for a while, and at last I have found one that is easy to apply. A surfer at the beach recommended it to me, and it goes on real easy – it’s called Bullfrog Sunscreen.

You should really get a regular skin check from a good dermatologist. This is a good investment in your health and happiness, so don’t forget.

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