There Is Beauty All Around You So Open Your Eyes And Enjoy It But Watch Out For Cyclists Please


Girls reading by Meghan Truesdell.Hi folks,

Driving home with a rainbow in the sky

A rainbow over Chapel Hill NC USA by FitOldDog.

I recently finished the first book of ‘The Game of Thrones,’ where the most interesting part for me was the process whereby a Sword Master was selected by one of the kings in the story – Syrio Forel was tested with all the other candidates, but only he, the successful candidate, was found to actually see what was in front of him. This might sound like a simple thing, but it is not, as we tend to bring our own prejudices and history to our view of the world, like a filter, and we have a choice if we must use a filter. We can filter out the good stuff or filter out the bad stuff, and thus our world will be.

Spot the cyclist

Spot the cyclist!

But what if what is there isn’t apparent? For instance, look at the picture on the left. Here you see a beautiful sky, lovely reflections from all of the wet surfaces after the rain OR you see a death trap for cyclists. Seeing this image should encourage you, if you are a cyclist, to install really bright lights on your bike. That is if you want to continue to pursue your program of safe exercise for better health. As a cyclist it is critical that you think like a motorist. If you are invisible how can you justifiably blame the motorist for hitting you, because maybe the motorist cannot see what is there, that being you?

Basically, you should be obvious or stay off of the road.

-k @FitOldDog

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