Benefits Of Walking With Your Whole Body: Open Your Mind And Watch Loretta!

Best Benefits Of Walking

Come From Walking With Your Whole Body

How you move now,

will determine whether you keep moving,

in your later years.

benefits of walking

I’m really enjoying writing this book! Here’s a tentative cover. Lots of fond memories of biological research, in different countries.

I was at the local mall, where I often work, because few people know me there. No interruptions, as I write. In fact, I’m busy writing a book that interests me a lot, right now. I put together a tentative cover. All input appreciated – it’s just an early draft. Anyway…

I was walking towards my favorite seat, when this young lady comes barreling by me!

Then I noticed something new! I’m a researcher, at heart. And what is research? It’s the recognition of patterns, the breaking of patterns, questioning ‘the obvious,’ and exploring hypotheses or theories, through observation and testing.

What did I notice?

This lady was walking with her whole body, a truly rare and healthy thing! It’s all explained in my favorite running book, by Jack Heggie, ‘Running With The Whole Body.’

benefits of walking, karl popper

“When theories are falsified by [] observations, scientists can respond by revising [a] theory, or by rejecting [a] theory in favor of a rival or by maintaining [a] theory as is and changing an auxiliary hypothesis.” Karl Popper

I explained what I was doing, politely requested her name and permission to film her wonderful walking style (she evidently liked that comment), for my blog readers.

Loretta said, “No problem,” without any sign of slowing down (she was moving at about a 14-min/mile pace).

So, I trotted alongside, capturing the best footage I could, on the run, with my magical iPhone.

It’s all about my search for the best way to move, into old age – to keep people moving, or to get them moving again, after a major health challenge or surgery.

Watch Loretta, and let me know what you think!

Enjoy the benefits of walking, by watching and thinking about it!

Gain body movement skills in order to prepare for healthy aging.

For instance, heel striking can ruin your knees.

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  1. I agree. Tell the reader how to gain body awareness skills.

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