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Self-esteem plays a huge role in your life so make sure you see your wonderful self for what you really are.

As an athlete, when you undertake a program of safe exercise for better health, or for life in general, your performance will be very much a function of who and what you think you are!

Up until my mid forties I suffered from a terrible disease of the mind, a false sense of self, known more popularly as poor self-esteem. As a scientist I had no such problem, but it played havoc with my dating life. Women can smell poor self-esteem a mile away. It repels the women you should be with and attracts predators, so get over yourself as soon as you can. Everything changed when a friend and colleague said to me, in the context of dating, “Kevin, you’re prime rib and you don’t know it!” It took me about three more years to work it out, but things improved greatly after that. The issue of self, or false self, image also applies to exercise and athletics.

For instance, I don’t tend to think of myself as a runner, especially when competing. So I have to say to myself, “Kevin, you qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2008, so surely you are a runner.” It helps every time. I have to massage my self-image!

How are those old tapes (lies) running in your head messing up your life?

-k @FitOldDog


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