What Are We Doing To The Biosphere? Nothing It Can’t Fix, Including Fixing Us If We’re Not Careful!

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Humming birds and oil

FitOldDog loved this picture, taken with his magical iPhone.

I suspect that humans overrate their importance with respect to the big picture, and the big picture is very big indeed. A critical component of staying healthy in mind and body is to develop a healthy relationship with the Biosphere, of which we are each a part.

During a recent trip to Utah, I took the adjacent picture, which I considered symbolic of our relationship to the planet. Hummingbirds look extremely fragile, whilst an oil refinery or fast-food chain appear to be pretty solid. I suspect that the reverse is actually the true. This is also the case with respect to our bodies, which are complex, robust networks, highly fragile, but happily taking over the planet (for a while, at least). When you have a training injury or unexplained pain, remember that the source of the problem may well be remote from the pain – this is typical of network behavior. But what about Biosphere injuries?

Predicting the behavior of any complex network, be it the Biosphere or your body, can be a non-trivial, potentially critical, and  fascinating challenge.


-k @FitOldDog


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