Test Your Body Awareness Skills, To Cure Plantar Fasciitis, Prevent Sports Injury, Handle Aging Challenges And Aortic Disease

FitOldDog’s Endoscopy

Using Body-Awareness To Look Inside For Medical Reasons!

Body-Awareness Is Your First Line Of Defense

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Click image, for link to video, to test your ‘endoscopic’ body-awareness skills.

body-awareness: Ignaz Semmelweis washing his hands

In spite of a carefully designed scientific study, which left no doubt as to the cause of sepsis in these women and children, Ignaz failed to convince his physician colleagues of the value of hand washing.

Body-awareness skills?

When I talk about this subject, which is dear to my heart, I’m reminded of poor old Ignaz.

Few people are listening, but I know I’m on the right track.

How do I know?

Like Ignaz, I’ve tested it on my own life.

When I propose a simple test, people say, after little or no effort, “I didn’t feel anything!” As if that’s that. It’s over. It doesn’t exist.

But they’re wrong. Most people are just so out of touch with their bodies, that they are body blind. Period!

Are you body blind?

Watch this video, and fill out the simple survey, at this link.

I’m curious as to how many people feel what I feel.

It’s really clear in my mind, but is it really real? Some say yes! Some say no! What do you say?

body-awareness, FitOldDog's Survey

All input much appreciated.


PS Remember, my goal is to fix your plantar fasciitis, sports injuries, or aging challenges, including those associated with aortic disease. Body-awareness training is the best way I know how!

body awareness: Drawing of monocular microscope.

A microscope, just like the one FitOldDog had as a teenager in the 1950s, in Bristol, England.

They didn’t listen to Leeuwenhoik, either!


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