Boy I Love To Eat Then Read Then Exercise Then Sleep And Then Eat Some More


Olie and Bootsy, two lovely cats that live with my son, Duncan, manager of Johnny's in Carrboro, NC USA

Ollie and Bootsy, two lovely cats that live with my son, Duncan, manager of Johnny’s in Carrboro, NC USA. Cats know all about the cycle of life, sleeping, killing, eating, chilling, all with attitude – humble? No way!

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FitOldDog's swim coach and friend, Rick Fee, at Johnny's in Carrboro NC USA.

FitOldDog’s great swim coach and friend, Rick Fee, at Johnny’s in Carrboro NC USA.

FitOldDog's logoLife is an endless (well not quite!) cycle of events, including eating, which is a big deal in the USA at Thanksgiving or in other countries during their respective feast days, and we all have these rituals, rich or poor. Interestingly, the worse the poverty the greater the generosity I’ve noticed. I think that it is essential for people to experience hunger at least once in their lives to truly appreciate how lucky they are to eat at all and the essential nature of providing food for all – of course, we then enter the population size debate. I’ve been hungry, not to the point of severe malnutrition, but enough to really like to buy food. It is as though I remember being hungry and don’t want to go there again, at all cost.

Right now I’m enjoying the wonderful little device featured in my previous post – a three-in-one crock-pot. Only cost $27, and we can have porridge or other hot food all ready to eat whenever, as long as we plan ahead. I find the paradox between planning and living in the moment to be an interesting one.

More bumper sticker wisdom, Stay Humble.

Is humility a good thing? It always makes me think of Uriah Heap, and not the Rock Band!

Think about it! If you spend all your time planning you spend no time actually living. If you spend all your time living, with no planning, you’ll be in a mess and for that matter you might not live that long.

I love thinking about stuff like that as I run the local trails or ride my trainer bike, but never when I swim. My swim has four taskmasters, who are relentless and effective, (1) the clock, (2) optimal propulsion, (3) minimal drag, and (4) Rick, my swim coach. No time for day dreaming there. This keeps me humble, but is humility a good thing for a competitive athlete? Will humility get me to Kona? Have to think about that.

OK! Time to go check on the turkey as I struggle with the ethics of eating meat – this is not a simple matter, whatever people say. Maybe now would be a good time to start planning your program of safe exercise for better health?

It’s all food for thought!

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  1. “I find the paradox between planning and living in the moment to be an interesting one.” Yes. How does Eckhart Tolle do it?

  2. Actually when I was watching “A New Earth” someone called in with that question and he answered it. I think he said something like you don’t need to spend a lot of time planning things. I would have to watch that again to find out exactly what he said.

  3. Follow the Tao but use common sense. -kevin

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