Athlete With Stent: Brave Fool?

Am I a brave fool?

I don’t think I’m either!

Some people think I’m crazy for going vegan!

brave-fool loves his vegan food.

Damn! Vegan food is so good!

Here’s a vegan sandwich, of cheese alternative, homegrown tomatoes, and flax bread.

Can’t beat it!

Some people think I’m crazy for continuing Ironman with my stent(s)!

It’s all about changing the way you move!

brave fool FitOldDog's latest book.

I’m changing the cover and title of my latest, book, for the paperback, as it’s not selling on Amazon. Have to get this marketing right! Here’s my latest draft. Click image to go to Amazon page.

I was biking with Sue, the other day. We’re cruising along, with me working on how to minimize hip flexion, after my third aortic stent graft surgery. To protect my stent bits and pieces. When Sue says, out of the blue:

Thanks for not being a coward!

This got me to thinking. I concluded that it would take a lot more courage for me to sit around all day, doing nothing but drinking beer and watching TV. To use that old victorian expression, it would be a fate worse than death, for yours truly. Furthermore, it would hasten my death due to my underlying genetic hyperlipidemia (resting TGL >2,000 and HDL<20 – how’s them apples?).

Life is always a tradeoff.

I just run my benefit-risk equation:

(Estimated benefit=Input values for (doctors opinion+family+feelings+movement modifications)*risk averseness level)/risk estimate

brave fool FitOldDog's training wheelIronman training comes out on top, with a little modification of my workouts and how I move during the swim, the bike and the run.

Oh! Yes! Victor, of Bicycle Lab, who built my bikes, said he has some ideas on reducing my hip flexion on the bike, even further. We need to talk (btw, Victor, your picture disappeared!).

I’m not so worried about dying, as I am about not living.

So, training begins, with all due caution, using the FitOldDog training wheel approach.

Had two nice runs today, 1 mile and 0.5 mile, high cadence, short stride, shuffle, à la Danny Dreyer! It was nice and warm, too (95°F and 90+% humidity – perfect for training).

Wishing you happy trails,

kev aka FitOldDog


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