Dancing As An Expression Of FitOldDog’s Training Philosophy


Hi folks,

Just thought that I would bring you up to date on my dancing, as it is certainly becoming an integral part of my exercise philosophy for better health. Furthermore, much to my surprise (at the age of 68), I am actually making progress, spontaneously moving to ZZ Top the other day. Nick (13) was really impressed. During my run this morning, I found that if I engaged my butt-dancing skills I picked up the pace a bit, my shoulders were more relaxed, and it was fun not a grind. Here is a brief video clip to show how I was instructed to butt-dance by my Continuum instructor, Rebecca, who also operated the camera (iPad 2). It started as sitting on my sit bones (iliac tuberosities) and feeling how much they move around as I wiggled my toes, ankles and knees. A classic and very simple example of improving my body awareness. Then I moved on to butt-holding whilst walking around, finally graduating to butt-dancing. The funny thing is that it actually works.

Interestingly, I’m not the only triathlete interested in dancing. Maybe it is the new trend. Let’s face it, you shouldn’t give a bike to a guy who can’t dance. Right?

Boy, I am so glad I started to learn to dance and that Deb sent me for training by Rebecca. It may get me to Hawaii, you never know.

Every dog has his day!

-k Your Medical Mind


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