Can’t Afford A Full-Time Ironman Coach? Compromise With A Plan On Training Peaks

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Being on a fixed income, and yet to make a profit with my business, I have to watch my spending. This doesn’t leave room for a full-time Ironman coach.

Joe Friel training plansI already save plenty of expense, by camping at races. I learned a lot from my previous coaches. So I was conflicted, as I considered the best approach to training for my next race. The 2016 Louisville, Ironman, in October.

After searching the web, I opted for the 24-week Ironman plan by Joe Friel. I have time to complete it twice. The first time through, I’ll go easy. Include extra rest days, and miss workouts as my body demands. This is to prepare for the real training. The second time through.

Both the plan, and a Training Peaks account, cost just over $200. I can see, and enter comments on, my workouts on my iPhone.

So! There are no excuses.

Happy Training.



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