Improving Hill Descents By Observing With Your Skin

Hi folks, There is an old expression, 'seeing is believing.' I would prefer to say, 'observing is understanding,' which comes from my life of learning to observe, as opposed to just looking. Because you have looked at something, which induced a pattern of activity in your retina, does not mean that you have observed anything of real meaning, which is a down-stream processing or brain activity that uses data ... Read more

Three Cycling Tips That Might Just Save Your Life On The Bike One Day

Hi folks, Cycling on the roads is dangerous, as is Mountain Biking. Almost everything worth doing is dangerous, so don't stop, just adjust your approach for a (hopefully) long and (definitely) happy life. Even the most experienced cyclists have crashes, but there are ways to improve your chances. If you read this blog you are probably not an elite cyclist, but just a 'regular dude' like yours truly. As an ... Read more

Art and Science Come Together In My Bike, My Life, And My Aorta

  Hi folks, To me, the function of my race equipment is much more important than its appearance. My bike guy, Victor, treats the bikes he builds as works of art, which they are, and that is why he hates my mirror. I am a function guy. For instance, my house looks great according to passers by, but I love it because of where it is, and because it is where my office resides. This is where I blog most ... Read more

What Ironman Training Is All About, Especially For Baby Boomers

What Ironman Training Is All About, Especially For Baby Boomers

This is what I love about training, the things that you see along the way. -k Your Medical Mind   ... Read more

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