Tara Teaches FitOldDog The Pilates 100 Core Exercise

  Hi folks, It is critical to condition your core, and one of many exercises I like for this is the Pilates hundred. Here is a short video where Tara is instructing me in this technique. You can see that my wrists are too loose, indicating that I am not 'reaching down' enough through my fingers. This aspect of the exercise is essential, as it keeps your shoulder blades down, protecting your neck. ... Read more

The Elliptical Trainer Is An Excellent (Stent-Friendly) Warmup Tool

  Hi folks, It is important to warm up before weight training at the gym. I used to use the rowing machine, but this is clearly contraindicated for people with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. So I migrated to the elliptical trainer for weight room warm-ups. It is surprising how effective this equipment can be, but you have to explore the relationship between the machine and your body. In order to do this, ... Read more

Why You Need A Coach If You Are Serious About Your Sport Plus A Swim Tip To Engage Your Lats

  Hi folks, There are many reasons to hire a coach, and it becomes increasingly important the more challenging or potentially risky the undertaking. The most important reason to have a coach is to protect you from yourself. Furthermore, a simple observation on your technique, along with appropriate advice, can make all the difference to your performance. Here is a short video clip showing how to engage ... Read more

Watching My Son Kiteboarding Reminds Me That Anything Worth Doing Is Worth A Little Effort

Watching My Son Kiteboarding Reminds Me That Anything Worth Doing Is Worth A Little Effort

I had a great day today, visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my eldest son, Nick. He loves sports that move (just like the images on his kids t-shirts), which over the years have included roller skating, skate boarding, BMX and dirt biking, downhill skiing, and now kiteboarding. I watched him learn to control a small kite, and then a larger one, and finally a kite that would carry him across the water. He ... Read more

Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Walking Your Dog As A Conditioning Exercise

  Hi folks, I learned about exercise from many people, one of which was Bruce Lee, via his books and my Jeet Kune Do instructor, Erwin (haven't seen him for years - really nice guy). Ironman training or not, I couldn't handle one of Erwin's classes today. I remember Bruce Lee writing that one should incorporate exercise into your daily life, and not confine it to the workout area. This included climbing ... Read more

Video Demonstration Of A Simple Pain Reduction Technique For Arthritis In Your Fingers

Hi folks, In a previous blog post I described minor arthritis in the fingers of my left hand, which is probably just one of the maladies that comes with aging. Such minor health issues can be an annoyance, whether you are training for better health or undertaking a challenging training program for competition. My cycling buddy, Rory, has almost exactly the same issue, with swollen joints in several fingers. This ... Read more

FitOldDog Exercise Video On How To Reduce Your Risk Of Falling Through Better Gravity And Balance Awareness

  Hi folks, For older adults, especially the elderly, a fall can be devastating. The risk of falls can be much reduced by spending a little time becoming more aware of your body, and of it's relationship to gravity and objects that you handle everyday. This post provides some thoughts on body awareness and describes a simple exercise to improve your balance awareness. It's funny how it takes a while to ... Read more

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