Lower Back Pain, I Did It Again, And I Know Better

lower back pain
I yanked my right psoas muscle, and it’s easy done with a previously injured muscle or muscle group.

I was happily working on the latest book, and lost track of time. After about three hours, lost in my writing, I suddenly thought, “Did I leave the kettle on for coffee, I’ll have burned it again.” So! I put the computer down and jumped up.

Bad decision!

My right psoas (hip flexor) spasmed, bringing the left one with it (they are close friends), and I had to cancel a planned bike ride that day. In fact, my psoas history and the recent pandemic each played a role:

  • I badly strained my right psoas about 15 years ago, by spending two hours and twenty minutes on my PowerCranks, and then going for a run (silly me), but on meeting a younger friend, also running, I picked up the pace (really bad idea).
  • The gym and pool are closed due to covid-19, so less cross training and a LOT more biking, and I forget I’m about to turn 77 years of age. Relevant? Probably!
  • I usually stretch at the gym, and right now I’m tending to stretch less due to disruption of this routine.
  • I’m energized by my new book, related to animal welfare, so I become engrossed.
lower back pain
Over two hours on PowerCranks? Boy, I was fit back then.

That’s all it took to spasm my psoas muscles and have me hobbling around (trying to walk normally, which is the best approach).

Treatment: gentle release with my thumb, gentle stretching, move a lot, while relaxing my hips, don’t sit continuously for too long without moving.

Oops! Better get moving.

I should know better, having written a book on pain.

Wishing you happy hip flexors, and no lower back pain, which is a real pain.

kev aka FitOldDog

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