Can Knowledge Of Running Biomechanics Rescue My Ironman Kona Dream?

Running Biomechanics With progressive peripheral vascular disease, plus the underlying non-compliant (rigid, non-elastic) abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) stent graft, which also limits blood flow to my legs, my last Marathon, in Maine was a foot pain nightmare. Should I give up Ironman? F**k that. As The Martian said, "It's time to science the shit out of this." I love that movie, even bought it! Science fiction ... Read more

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site verification javascript <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> ... Read more

Stay In Shape, Or The Last Laugh’s On You!

Stay In Shape, Or The Last Laugh's On You!

Why Stay In Shape? Why Not? To stay in shape is a way of life! It keeps you young at heart! It protects you from aging immobility. I'm headed for the Cleveland Clinic again, but that does not mean I should neglect my workouts. Traveling sure is fun. Cooking out of the back of the old truck, on my Coleman stove. Yes! You can eat vegan food on the road. By the way, the older you get, the more you ... Read more

Beauty In Movement: Don’t Walk, Dance!

Beauty In Movement: Don't Walk, Dance!

Beauty in movement? The solution to many problems of aging! Beauty in movement! It's all around us! Join the dance of life! Having a background in the way liquids move, I became sensitized to beauty in movement. The dance of life. Best book I ever read on the topic, was, 'Life in Moving Fluids: The Physical Biology Of Flow,' by Steven Vogel.  I was fortunate to visit Steven's lab one day, years ago, at Duke ... Read more

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis: Why Fix It, When It’s Making Lots Of Money?

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis: Why Fix It, When It's Making Lots Of Money?

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis We need better research. Here's our survey link, to capture badly needed data! Understanding plantar fasciitis, and fixing it reliably (and inexpensively), is one of my interests, right now. Understanding plantar fasciitis is not my primary business goal, however. I just can't resist the challenge. History Of Understanding Plantar Fasciitis (a) We examined every ... Read more

FitOldDog on Vacation

FitOldDog on Vacation

Even neophyte entrepreneurs have to go on vacation. No computer, only my phone. Back in 10 days. kev aka FitOldDog   ... Read more

Tips On How To Keep Up Your Exercise While Traveling On Business

Tips On How To Keep Up Your Exercise While Traveling On Business

I used to travel on business a lot, but I always kept up with my Ironman training, by using two critical tools, discipline and planning. I integrated exercise with my travel and business, plans. Tips On Exercise While Traveling Based on FitOldDog's triathlon training and lots of business flights Make a plan, and negotiate it with your business colleagues, explaining its importance to your health, and ask ... Read more

When Do You Need To Do An Ironman? Never! But It’s Not An End In Itself.

When Do You Need To Do An Ironman? Never! But It's Not An End In Itself.

I do love to read, and now I'm reading another interesting book, 'Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive And Others Die,' by Chip and Dan Heath. I started reading this book for my studies of marketing and sales. It's real strength is not so much in the information presented, as in the humor that makes the information stick. The book is sticky. This reminds me of a classic lesson I used to give to students, ... Read more

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