Recovery From Major Surgery May Take Longer Than You Think, But I Suspect That Luis Has It Nailed

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”  Albert Einstein Hi folks, welcome to my thoughts! I do love to think, and I especially like it when I'm proven wrong with respect to some set idea in my head. Of course, I'll kick and scream before I change - hell, I'm a misoneist, like the rest of us. I don't do so well with ... Read more

Aortic Patient Versus Athlete With Stent: Take Care How You Label Yourself As It Will Create Your Reality

Hi folks, welcome to my blather! There are many ways to look death in the face, but the real trick is to look life in the face. Aging comes with all sorts of health challenges, including the possibility of aortic disease. If you label yourself as an aortic patient or cripple, that's what you'll be, a prisoner of your aneurysm, stent graft or other type of repair, or whatever other issue you are facing for that ... Read more

Rebuilding Your Life After Aortic Surgery With FitOldDog’s Quick Start Guide To Aortic Surgery Recovery

Hi folks, welcome!  FitOldDog's Guide to Aortic Surgery Recovery, or how to handle your life after such a life-threatening event, is now available, as is Aortic Disease From The Patient's Perspective. This weekend I also completed my first FitOldDog product, which is available for purchase on this site. This 49-page document was designed for the FitOldDog of August 2010, when I went from Ironman ... Read more

Post Number 300: Brief Review Of “Coaching Athletes With Diabetes”

  Hi folks, I just found, via an RSS feed, that there is a series of books or articles available for coaches dealing with athletes who have special requirements, such as those with hernias or those undertaking religious fasting. These potentially valuable books are available at Peak Performance Online, so I purchased a copy of "Coaching Diabetic Athletes," downloaded the pdf, and here are my initial ... Read more

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