FitOldDog’s Plantar Fasciitis Exploratory Research

Plantar Fasciitis Exploratory Research?

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Can you guess what I’m doing, now? Read on!


plantar fasciitis exploratory research

The pains are here, but they arise elsewhere. FitOldDog’s plantar fasciitis exploratory research, to find those ‘elsewheres.’ I do love research, FitOldDog.


“Having a PhD doesn’t guarantee that you can think! It does, pretty well, guarantee that other people will think you can think.” FitOldDog, June, 2016.


Plantar fasciitis exploratory research is turning out to be fun, and fascinating.

Plantar fasciitis exploratory research, photo of CRAY computer

CRAY X-MP/48 Computer, and they trust this bozo, must have been crazy.

Remember, effective research is rarely generated by committees. It is often delayed by them. Just take the example of poor old Ignaz, stymied by the medical establishment – I’m surprised doctors aren’t using blood-letting for plantar fasciitis treatment, because they are still poisoning you with statins! I am grateful for the doctors who saved my life, and I just ignore the others.

I do get frustrated, with those dangerous plantar fasciitis cortisone heel injections (look at the hypotext figure, at this link, if you dare).  But then, I am a veterinarian.

I think my plantar fasciitis exploratory research is bearing fruit, as to the origins of this painful, and often crippling, condition. Knowing and proving are two different things. The test of the cake will be in the eating. I’m hoping lots of people will test this cake, once it’s fully baked.


We don’t discover new things alone.Such discoveries are built on the shoulders of giants,” as they say! Well, as Isaac Newton, apparently said!


Research into the nature of disease is rarely straightforward. You often become sidetracked, climbing the wrong hill, exploring an unrelated cave of knowledge.


plantar fasciitis exploratory research, with FitOldDog's coat hangerFor instance, before I was brought to realize that the precise distribution of lesions in the nose, induced by toxic, water-soluble gases, was essentially a function of the air-phase boundary conditions, I spent 12 years tackling the problem with other thoughts in mind: Starting with (1) mucus flow, that sticky stuff that cleans your airways, all the time, along with (2) diffusion theory in relation to (3) local binding rates, then onto (4) regional metabolism, with the help of (5) histochemistry, then (6) local blood flow patterns – never finished, because (6) airflow took over – a magic moment in the lab, on a Sunday morning.


Jim Ultman, a great chemical engineer, had been working in our lab for the previous six months, on the problem of linking solute mass flux patterns, to a wall adjacent to a complex flow field.


He phoned me at home, sounding excited, and said, “Kevin fill the tank with dilute developer, place a sheet of exposed X-ray film on the…” [Having a background in the chemistry of monochrome photography, I interrupted, GOT IT“, and hung up the phone, rudely]. I drove to the lab, filled the flow tank with dilute photographic developer (brilliant idea, Jim), placed X-ray film under an old microtome chuck, on the bottom of the tank, cranked her up, and there they were – boundary layer sculptures).


I just had no idea that airflow (you adjust for kinematic viscosity between water and air) could so precisely sculpt the delivery patterns of reactive airborne gases to the sticky lining or our airways. But they do!


FitOldDog's plantar fasciitis exploratory researchWhat has this to do with my plantar fasciitis exploratory research?

Everything! For the work on reactive gases, over a period of 12 years, I had the benefit of many great thinkers, from Statisticians to Biochemists, and especially, one critical Mathematician – can you believe, I had no interest in math until my 50s – slow learner.

I also had access to the most sophisticated equipment, including a CRAY computer.

And I was paid to do this research!


But things have changed! Now, I’m a struggling, happy, neophyte entrepreneur.


plantar fasciitis exploratory research progresses because FitOldDog is in The Element.There are always ways to find things out about ‘Mother Nature.’
You don’t need fancy gear all the time, and yes, I MEAN YOU!
I now have access to (a) the minds of some wonderful body-movement experts, (b) lots of books on the subject, (c) my aging mind, with it’s (d) ageless imagination, (e) dogs to watch their movement (we come from four-legged ancestors, remember – we weren’t originally designed to be ‘erectus’), and (f)…


A coat hanger!

Until next time, I wish you happy feet and happy trails.
FitOldDog BVSc, PhD, Dip ACVP, Used to be FRCPath (stopped paying my dues, bad peasant) – now y’all think I can think, I bet, what with all those letters!


PS It wasn’t work, it was fun. I was in my Element. Find yours, before it’s too late. A truly wonderful book!


  1. Walter Fraser says

    Review of “The True Story Of Plantar Fasciitis”

    Having suffered more than once from so-called plantar fasciitis, which lasted for 7 to 8 months on each occasion, I have tried many of the alternative treatments that Dr Morgan critically appraises and have concluded, after reading his book, that the one thing that can fix the problem is changing the way we move. Although that can sometimes happen inadvertently when we try something different, like trying a different pair of shoes or, in my case, taking a holiday in a warmer climate and thereby unconsciously relaxing tension in my body movement, there is no guarantee that what works for one person will work for another, far from it. Dr Morgan’s method requires us to look beyond the perceived site of our pain and look for physical and emotional tension throughout our body. Everything is connected. If you are not convinced or fail to make progress in curing your foot pain, Dr Morgan offers you the opportunity to contact him to see what he can do for you. His competitively priced book is interesting to read and it could save you months or even years of foot pain and without wasting your money on all the various gadgets and treatments, none of which is a “cure-all”.

  2. Thanks for the nice review, Walter. kev aka FitOldDog

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